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  1. I'm looking to get one last piece (for a while anyway), I just picked up a toro stemless disc and I am loving it, but its fairly large, so I was hoping to get something for more of a mobile piece.

    I was considering an incredibowl mini, MFLB (probably my last place choice currently), and getting one of those ashcatchers that can serve as a bubbler too.

    I'd appreciate any input guys, thanks.
  2. well it depends.. do you want something that you can fit in your pocket and not have anyone notice its there, or something more along the lines of keeping it in your car or backpack?
  3. well, pocket ideally i suppose, but im not apposed to something that would only fit in a backpack or something
  4. i would personally get an incredibowl mini for 2 reasons: its really indestructable. from everyone ive talked to that has one and from everyone who posts on here, its apparently really hard to break. the rep from incredibowl said that on the mini, they drove a jeep over it and it was still in almost perfect condition (small crack). when it comes to having something that you can take anywhere, not having to worry about it breaking like regular glass is a huge benefit imo. also, its supposed to have really clean hits and doesnt waste much herb in the process. also a good thing haha.

    of course, im still a noob stoner though. so my recommendations shouldnt hold much weight becuase im still not very experienced in trying a lot of stuff personally. but all that stuff is from what ive read on here [:
  5. okay okay, and "noob" stoner or not your input helps! thanks man, you brought up good points, I'm probably leaning towards the incredibowl for the sturdiness, every time i use my toro theres a bad feeling in my gut it's goanna break lol. anymore input is appreciated guys.
  6. really I say get the MFLB over the incredibowl, its just gets you SO much higher.

    If you want something that would fit in a backpack I would go to your LHS and pick out a nice bubbler, they can be anywhere from 30-100 bucks. I went with 30 bucks one time and the guy went to the back and brought me a huge hammer bubbler (all worked, thick too) with a diffused stem and said the downstem was just a little short so you have to play with your water level, but it works. I was like YES haha.

  7. My friend just snagged the MFLB and he said he liked it but still preferred joints (im not too big on rolling, goes through a lot of bud pretty fast) but after looking at the topics people have only said the best things about so thats actually a good possibility. And that sounds sick, but if i were going to get a bubbler i would probably prefer get one that works as an AC on my Toro too, just for the multiple purposes.
  8. yes that makes sense. But I would try your buddys MFLB before you purchase anything, vapes give you 90% thc, lots better than anything else. Also make sure to google soulshinefamilyglass, you wont be disappointed.
  9. i have an MFLB i love it. first off its a vape so u cnt go wrong there, its pretty efficient as far as conserving ur bud goes doesnt require that much to get u feelin pretty good. its also incredible stealthy and doesnt smell alot at all. its also pretty sturdy and u wnt really have to worry about it breaking, so if ur interested in a great portable vape the launch box is definitely the way to go. check out they have a much more detailed review on the box.

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