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  1. Ok i looked all around the site and i was lookin for how to start a new green family and one of the ways was to fill a bottle with luke warm water and put your seeds in it and all the seeds that sank in the next 12 hrs are good and the ones that float are bad well i put 27 seeds in there and they are still floating 16 hrs later so im wondering do i need to wait longer to see what happens or are they all dead or is there another better way to do this?
  2. Certainly wont hurt to wait longer. The sinking is only a sign that the seed has absorbed water and become overall dense enough to sink. alow them another day or so and maybe if the water was a little warm say 24-27 C it would be ideal.

    Growers used to germinating this way should comment!



    P.s. Most growers germinate with the paper towel method with great success!
  3. i would wait at least 1 week to see what germinates. maybe 10 days. as soon as you see taproot breaking out of the shell though, plant those puppies. don't drown em when they're young and fragile :cool:

    i usually germinate in a small dirt container that will get them through the seedling stage. then i transplant once into a pot that is big enough to last the rest of it's short life and never again.
  4. Ive heard about the paper towel method i guess if this doesnt work then ill try that

    I have a light i can use to give heat its not much its one 40W bulb but it will still raise the temp.
  5. I have had the same issues before with the seeds all floating, even though I was just about positive at least 1 had to be good. It turns out all they need sometimes is a gentle little poke.

    You'll find that if you poke your seeds to get them completely submerged, most of them will probably sink. For whatever reason the seeds appear to be kept afloat by the water's surface tension despite their density. I mean, even the best seed is going to have a lot of porous space to hold air as it is a living thing.

    Try poking them and see if they sink. If they do it'll probably only be a day or two before they begin to crack open and show a taproot, at which case you plant immediately.

    Also, it helps to change the water in the cup/glass/bottle/whatever every 12-24 hours, and to keep them a warm space. A lot of people recommend to keep them somewhere dark, but I personally have never seen the difference.

    Hope that helps.
  6. Very much thanks...

    Now im goin to get new warm water and poke my seeds
  7. Ya pushing them and changing the water worked i had like 23 floating now only i have like 5 thanks alot...

    And two or three are begining to come out of the shell YAY!!!
  8. Yupp I germed my seeds using the wet paper towel (toilet paper in my case) method. Worked like a charm. Hope that helps. Happy growin! :bongin:
  9. Paper towel worked for me and you can check out my plants on my post. The method is pretty cut and dry. If they are good, they sprout, if not, they don't. Can't get much easier. Best of Luck!
  10. Ya now 10 out of the 27 seeds are begining to show the sprout

    Thanks for all the help and info so far

    What kinda soil is good cause i was thinkin of merical grow and idk if thats good or bad

    Any ideas?
  11. I just put my seeds in a propagation tray w/coca plugs. My germination rate has been great so far. Out of 50+ seeds, only 3 didn't pop up. I use a Hydrofarm jumpstart light too.
  12. Whatever you use. Make sure it is free of ferts. That shit with the ferts added can be bad. I used to use Fox Farm. Kind of expensive. I started using Pro-Mix. Seems to work great. I just add a little perlite, worm castings, and bat guano and I think it is out performing the FF. That's just my opinion. You really have to just find what works best for you. Everybody is going to have different success, with different soils. I have 3 plants in 3 different soil mixtures right now. I'm still trying to come up with My perfect soil mixture.
  13. Ight sweet ill try to find some tom. when i look im guessin that Home Depo or Lowe's is the best places?

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