Advise: fem seed, auto fem, cloning. Wheres my time best spent for quality product?

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  1. I've grown photos in and out for 6yrs, autos the past year and always messing with clones. What I grow is for me; so my question to those with more experience.....where is my time best spent for quality for my head? I learned my photo quality is way better in, than out but suffers quantity. My autos are getting better and much faster producers. Autos I'm doing 80-100 days, photos about 5+ mnths( veg for 2-3 then flip to flower for the rest((due to all the lst, suppercropping, scrogging which I spend hours on and tons of feed)). Autos less time and feed. I'm getting 3-4 z per my legal 12 in my state photo; my autos have surprised me in speed, quality, and size...but feel photos make a better end result more consistantly with quality. And clones are just clones, those just happen. But I'm getting about the same off an auto grow in half the time. Can I do better to get my auto quality to my happy photo quality place without all thos hours in training. If u do 12 autos at a time that's 30+oz in half the time of my 36+ on photos. What can I do to better my auto skill??? And wheres my time best spent. I'd love direction, opinions, experiecnes... whatever everyone has to give. Thanks for input

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  2. Seriously, I misspelled advice, I'm a dumb ass for not checking, had to call myself out.....I'll blame grease monkey for now.

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  3. Autos are best for quick stealthy grows but won't produce as much as seed or clone.

    Clones are great because they skip the whole seedling growth stage which can take awhile to grow. So you can get to flower quicker with clones but less bud growth as a seeds.

    Seeds are the longest growing process but have the most solid genetics. With seeds you can create a mother and clone, have bigger bud production. Also with enough experience you can breed.
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  4. I mix the two and run them perpetually while my photos veg I can always get a harvest sometimes two with autos before I flip to 12/12. I also have a separate space for autos only. So I’ve got autos flowering while I’m vegging photos and while my photos are flowering I’ve got more autos flowering again. And I always start my photos from seed no clones works for me.

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