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  1. No I am not looking to get high off of it, I know some of you boxers feed off of nub posts but I will not be giving you a laugh today.

    I heard somewhere that advil can be used to stop a stimulant (amphetamines in particulair) now I know that advil can be added (but it is really stressing to your liver) with alcohol to make you more drunk quicker/harder/shorter period of time, because both of them thin your blood. Now it does make sense that advil would be able to slow and stop an amphetamine trip and allow you to get to sleep quicker, which would be wonderful because I dislike spending all night sweating in my bed comming off shit.
    (thinner blood, doesn't need to be pumped through your body as hard because it is thinner, also would relax your stiff muscles and I couldnt complain about that either).

    Any insight amiright or amiwrong?
  2. advil dosent make you drunker........ wtf...
  3. if u want to "thin your blood" than take aspirin
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    It doesn't increase the amount of alcohol you consume, it just hits you harder, and lasts a lot shorter period of time. I've accidentally taken advil before drinking, and let me tell you that it gets you way more fucked up then the same amount of alcohol would.

    But thanks bud for contributing to my thread. I like it when people dont read my entire post or feel that they think I don't know what I am talking about.

    No, I want to know if it stops you from rolling/being methed out for half the night, because you cant sleep until it is out of your system, and I think I remember advil did help

    EDIT: I remember the words they used were "If you want to stop being high, take advil" but I cant figure out if I will stop being high all together and be able to get some sleep, or if I will still be high minus all the good feelings.
  5. what??,dude if you wanna come down on speed,just take 3 benadryls and a melatonin
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  6. I think xanax straightens you out much better then asprin would
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    Hmm.....Im curious about this.

    What exactly would thinning your blood have to do with getting it out of your system faster?

    I found this on another forum
  8. melatonin is fucking bomb, I have none left though. I have taken if on 1mg of acid, and fallen asleep almost instantly(after like 8-10x3mg caps..). I am unsure of benedryl though. I know it would help if I wasn't high, but I don't know how it would react with a stimulant. But I got none of it either. Crown, xanax is a good idea, but I have none and am too high to want to risk a speed ball. If I was less high (few hours) I would take it if I had it because then I know I would sleep, but I know that I would probably be dehydrated to the extreme if I slept for 20 hours after comming down.

    However I am going to test out this advil theory, because even if it doesnt help me sleep atleast it will stop my aching muscles. I also just remembered about my ganja stores and they are plentyful, and except for possibly a combination of xanax, melatonin, ganja and advil, ganja and advil are going to do me good.

    Also, anyone like getting so stoned that they get munchies on stimulants, or get so stoned that they are able to fall asleep in no time (30-60min or less..) I think weed thins your blood too which couldn't hurt my efforts.
  9. One time I was tryin to get some sleep after taking adderall. So I smoked some and I swear it took me right back up to peak, i was so pissed.
  10. ^^Hahahaha kinda bittersweet,eh?
  11. Intersting find on that other forum. Mind pming/posting the link? I am still unsure of advil stopping a high, but I am sure if would help with a locked/stiff jaw and sore muscles, thinner blood would probably mean that your body wouldn't produce as much heat because if would be easier for it to pump through your body, I am begining to think that it wont get you any less high, but it just stops stimulants from damaging your body.

    Thats shitty, I don't know if you should have smoked more weed or not, if you smoked enough that you would pass out or if you would just stay up. Do you smoke poppers or just straight weed?
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  12. I am no doctor, but all amphetamines in high doses seem to cause amphetamine psychosis(really??), were one of the symptoms is unpleasant hallucinations. Now every time I smoke weed on a hallucinogen, come next day/when I am sober, when I smoke for the first time after, I always feel like I come up on that drug again, and I get ridiculously stoned, and depending on the hallucinogen I get some CEV's. I don't know how correct I am, but it is my only hypothesis.

    Thanks for the link, and a popper is a new Canadian trend, I think it originated in Ontario (I live in Toronto, Ontario so they have been populair for a long time here) when you smoke a bong (no screen ofcourse) you pack a little bit of tobacco just enough so that it fills the hole in the bong, and prevents your weed from getting wasted if you pull too hard on the bong when you light it. It helps prevent smokable weed from getting into your bong and it also gets you really high. It gives you a stronger headrush then you can get from a cig, with almost none of the tobacco you would have needed in a cig, and also gets you more stoned. If you smoked a popper I would see how you might have trouble falling asleep right away.

    Poppers are becoming so populair over 60% of my friends are popper fiends, and the popper makes the bowl clear faster, makes the smoke smoother and probably saves you money. I predict that most people will switch to smoking popers in the next few years.
  13. Oh nah, it was just weed. I dont really like tobacco, just not my thing. It sucks seeing my friends get slowly addicted though.

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