advil in my bong water?

Discussion in 'General' started by tommydaboy, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. my friend is an avid bong smoker and he says if you put advil your bong water you will get super fucked up.WTFF???????????????/i laughed at him but was intrigued to try it. i put 3 advil in my mini bubbler and tried it today despite my diagnosis with bronchitus this morning. i felt slightly different effects from the 2 hits i took but idk.. have anyone put meds in the bong water
  2. ive put Hawaiian Punch in my bong b4, the smoke tasted good as fuck haha
  3. Your not gonna make it.
  4. It would have no way of even effecting you...
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  6. ^^

    seriously mods, does any 18 or older year old make this kind of thread?
    I think not.
  7. dude, advil in the bong? dumb, or dumber?
  8. Taking a shit in your bong would do more than putting advil in it.
  9. Jenkembongs! :hello:
  10. blades..just let natural selection take effect:devious::devious::p

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