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  1. Alright a little background info on me: I'm 19. I don't post much more of a lurker. I'm seeing a girl who is 17. Before you say anything I know what I am getting into. I'm not a pedophile. If you knew this girl you would understand. She is the most mature girl i've ever met. We met a year ago last saturday actually.

    Flashback to one year ago: I was at Cheesefest (i live in wisconsin) last year and i was walking around with my buddies. I saw her out of the corner of my eye. There she was, the most beautiful woman i've seen in awhile (at least to me). Since I was shy then, i asked my friends who she was (She was the daughter of one of my buddies mom's friend). The next day i added her on myspace and told her i saw her and thought she looked nice.

    Fastfoward 3 months: We've been steadily talking thru text messages for awhile now. I would see her a could random weekends out the month and my buddies house. I would still be to shy to talk to her so i would just text her and say I wanted a hug. She would always give me one.

    Fastfoward 2 more months: I finally grew the balls to hang out with her. I went to her house one day and sat on the couch next to her awkwardly as her brother sat across from us watching a movie. Her brother went downstairs to grab something, and at that moment it struck me. I need to kiss this beautiful girl. I leaned over and placed my lips on hers and for a moment, nothing in the world mattered. It was like i was in heaven for that 5 seconds. I broke the kiss and in the silence after i told her i've been wanting to do that for a very long time.

    After that day I picked her up for lunch at least once a week. We just drove around holding hands and loving each other.

    A few months after that we talked and decided we were both ready to have sex. We both had a rule about not having sex until we were dating, but we decided we were both ready, dating or not. It was great, and it will be one memory i will have for the rest of my life.

    So now the past couple weeks a lot of stuff has been happening. She told me that she doesn't know what she wants anymore and she has feelings for one of my best friends (keep in mind we were never dating but we were "together" i.e. we didn't hook up with anybody else). This really hit me hard. The girl i've liked for so long is wanting to end things with me.

    This has really hit me hard the past couple of days and I just needed some of you blades to vent to. Thanks for taking the time to read this if you did.

    Summary: I met a girl a year ago, got to know her hooked up with her. We were "together" but not dating. Last weekend she told me she has feelings for my best friend and ended things.
  2. man, i know how you feel. don't beat yourself up about it. plenty of other girls out there. now go smoke a bowl :smoking: and forget about it.
  3. Lots of fish in the sea.
  4. Hey man that's tough. But you're still young and there's plenty of other girls. I bet this hurts like a bitch though. Nothing some weed, a little Sublime, and meeting some new people can't fix with time. :D
  5. Worst time to have no bud eh?

    At least i have you guys and a pack of cigs.

    Thanks for the help guys :)
  6. it takes a person on average, 21 days to create a new habit so give it 3 weeks and you'll be saying, "out with the old, on with the new!"
  7. That sucks man. Word of advice: keep your cool and stay confident. Don't pull any of that emo bullshit. It will only push her further apart. I'm not saying don't tell her how you feel just don't you know go crazy. If she rejects you atleast you didn't seem like a bitch.

    Smoke a blunt it surely will help.
  8. Im not sure. She told me she just wants space for now. So i don't know what to say to that.
  9. Well in that case it could be she needs time to get her own stuff straight. But don't be her bitch and let her just drag you along until then because you're a person in this relationship to. Just let whatever happens happen because after all, what can we control besides ourselves? Life goes on.
  10. Thats what i plan on doing. My friend told me the best way to win her back is to ignore her. Smart idea?
  11. Did you know that at least 75% of bitches suffer from some kind of hearing loss? This alarming statistic means that more likely than not talking isn't the most effective way to communicate with a bitch. That's when you have to hit her.
  12. Nah dude a girl wants to feel wanted but not like,"Ugh this guy is so clingy, what a pussy." There's a balance to everything and you've got to find one here. But that's if she even decides that she doesn't have feelings for the guy. I don't mean to be a dick but it's a possibility and just prepare yourself for it. Start finding some pot, plan out a sesh. If she does have feelings screw her and go, if she doesn't, INVITE HER! :hello:
  13. Can't buy and bud without a job. I've been seraching for about 2 months now and i still havn't foound one :\

  14. truthfully sounds like it was her first time (if it was, to be honest, we girls act weird after our first times.) if it wasnt then she might just be the female version of hit it/quit it
  15. Good luck man.

    Next thing I smoke is for you.

    Not sure what it'll be... I'm broke. :(
  16. Tough man...I had a similar situation a few years ago...I'm older than you by a few years but all I can say is hang tough. There *are* others out there. At first I didn't think that was true but it is.
  17. UPDATE: Well I didn't talk to her for a day then texted her this morning when i woke up and she said she misses me already. So things are looking up for me.

    The question is, do I take her back?
  18. dump the bitch

    you wont regret it

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