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  1. I have been growing low ryder for 1 week under 125w fluorescent
    The room temprature is always about 65 -70F

    But so far all thats grown is two very small leaves.
    Not sure if that is normal. I am growing lowryders and it says from germination to finish in 6 weeks.

    I am giving them 16 hours of light a day. The only thing missing from my grow room is ventilation / fresh air.

    Should i add a fan in there and open the windows too let in a daily change of air?
  2. definitely have a fan in your grow room. oscillating fans are the best although apparently they're "seasonal" so if you dont have one right now you cant get one until summer. a regular fan should work fine though until you get a better one. not only do fans help keep fresh air in your grow room. they also help your plants grow stronger. if you dont have a fan in your gr often plants will collapse under their own weight because the stems arent strong enough to support themselves. hope that helps. hope your grow goes great g
  3. Would a normal fan be ok for the remainder of my grow. As it only lasts 6 weeks from start to finish.

    There is no way i can a extractor fan which vents the air outside as my room is very concealed and has no windows and is located in another room. Since the house is rented i could not make holes in walls and run pipes through the walls.

    I will add a fan in there for tomorrow.

    Iv had one plant collapse on me. I will add my big fan in there for the time being.

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