Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by guitar420, Jul 27, 2003.

  1. ive been caught way to many of times. twice by my parents and got arrested for determined not to get caught again or at least until i live on my own. so the thing is me and my buddies want to hotbox my dads car(hes out of town).where would be the safest place to do it? and i want to hear some suggestions from everyone because i know everyone does it. i want to avoid the police because i will be driving and i dont have a license. please dont repy telling me im stupid and not jst here to have a good time.thanks

  2. You're 18 right....RIGHT? ;)
  3. It's hard.. to.. not reply.. to the stupidity...
    "i want to avoid the police because i will be driving and i dont have a license."
    Best bet would be to um.. oh, I dunno, not drive a car that you will be basically stealing.. Just do it outside.. or something. I mean, god damn, what's the thrill of increasing your chance of getting busted by the police by like 20 or 30 times?
    "im determined not to get caught again"
    You do not seem very determined. At all.
    Sorry if you're just trying to have a good time, but you're going to have a real bad time if you get busted. Or if your dad smells it in his car.
  4. if you dont want to get caught just hotbox yor room instead.
  5. hey man back the fuck off. all i want is some fucking advice where i shpould hotbox the car. i didnt ask you if i should do it or not so fuck you. you're probably all little 13 yr old kids. fuck you, stoners should help each other not fucking rip on each other. man you make me not want to smoke at ll. fucking buzzkills.
  6. I would hope that you take some of the advice given to you...

    A responcible adult (over 18) would not attempt to drive with out a license much less smoke out "dads car" if we were trying not to get caught again!!!!!!!

    Sooner or later you'll wish that you had taken these peoples advice..
  7. We can only give it... It's up to guitar420 to take it or leave it..
  8. hey man if weed were leagal i would still take the car out and smoke it up. m not worried about the smell bc i know it will go away, ive had expirience. fuck you all you didnt answer my question..fucking loser spending your day talking on the internet...get a fucking life.
  9. look who's talking .....Mr. Criminal .....stop wasting your time on this person who is not even of legal age to drive a car ...but he thinks everyone else is a kid ....I personally know Mr. Criminal and he's way beyond 13 years ....
  10. I wonder??? I'll bet he gets caught!!!!! He won't tell us now though!

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