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  1. So I tried posting this in the "seed banks" section, and it didn't get any responses whatsoever, so I'm hoping some of you guys here can help me out-

    Ok, so I've read reviews on the various seed banks, and have decided to go with one of 3-Dr Chronic,, or gypsy nirvana. The doc's site seems to be down now though, it keeps giving me an "under construction" error. I've heard mixed reviews of marijuana-seeds, but there's seemed to be more good reviews than bad, plus they offer 5 thai-stick seeds free. Gypsy Nirvana on the other hand I havn't found to offer free seeds, but I also havn't seen any negative reviews. Also, it seems that on most sites, the average price for 10 WW seeds is around $50-60 USD, but on gypsy nirvana i found for only 25. This makes me a bit hesitant, as the price is so much lower than I'm used to seeing. Any advice on this and (as I've already decided that I want to attempt a WW grow) any particular order of WW seeds that anyone would recommend? Thanks all-and of course all of this is strictly hypothetical, I would never do anything illegal or encourage others to do the same. :cool:
  2. Well you didn't give your other post near enough time but anyway, Dr C's website is working right now and many, many people use his services. You are right that gets mixed reviews but I've never used them so I can't really comment. Gypsy is reputable and also runs When comparing seed prices from different seedbanks, you must see who the breeder is. Doc, Gypsy and others for the most part are just selling the seeds. The WW you linked to from gypsy is from Nirvana the breeder (not related to Gypsy Nirvana the seedbank) which makes cheap "knock-offs" of popular strains. Many breeders make their own versions of the hyped varieties which accounts for the disparity in price. The Nirvana version can have some very good plants but it you may have to grow out several to find a really good one. Mr Nice has a version called Black Widow that gets good reviews.
  3. I bought White Widow feminized seeds off and I am extremely happy. I am almost in my 3rd week of flowering. One plant is over 4ft tall and only 9 weeks old. I'm gonna buy my next round of seeds through them for sure. Seriously man, I was hesitant about them too but they are nice.:D:D:D Seeds came in 7 days too in a very discreet/slick package. You will laugh when you see how they package them.
  4. thanks all, any particular breeders that I should look at? It seems that Dutch Passion look pretty good, so does Barney's. Also, any I should try to avoid?

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