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  1. Hi everyone I'm a first timer and was looking for a bit of guidance/feedback on my wee ones. Germed them 6 days ago in paper towel and they sprouted 3 and 4 days ago... Lost one or maybe it's just taking a bit longer to break out, there's hope yet!

    I'm growing in Coco and after reading many a thread I decided to water with nutes from the first feed. Since then I have read completely contrasting views so when the soil seemed dry I added pure water just in case. What's the general consensus on this?

    I was also wondering;

    -Do they look like they're trying to stretch a bit too much at this stage?
    -Are they a healthy colour?
    - Do they look overwatered?

    The strain is big bud from sensi and I'm using a 600w Led hung about 16" above them if this helps?

    I've pretty much just left them to do their thing bar the nutes so hopefully anything I've done wrong is easily fixed... A nudge in the right direction would be decenttt

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  2. They are definitely stretched - either lower you light or get more of it. I prefer t-5's for the first two weeks - nothing better for preventing stretching.
    Their color is fine.
    They don't appear to be overwatered.

    People have different thoughts on the feeding/watering subject. I feed 1/4 strength nutes daily from sprout and twice a day in flower. Some growers feed multiple times a day. Remember that coco is hydroponics, not soil.

    I highly recommend using a 70/30 coco/perlite mix when you transplant - and bury those stems.

    The best place to learn how to grow in coco in my opinion is

    Good luck and welcome to GC. :)
  3. Thanks Mick appreciate the response

    I'll lower the light and see how they fare, I have a Coco perlite mix but was probably a bit shy with the perlite. I'll add some more for the repot.

    My nute mix is a DIY blend from my gardening fertilisers consisting of Babybio, Liquid seaweed and a teaspoon of dolomite lime to bring the pH up to 6.5.
    Each is the dose for 1litre of water which I used in 2 litres so I might add some more H2O to be on the safe side. Do you know if I'm missing any other elements with this blend?

    Thanks again for your help and I'll definitely be checking the link!
  4. I can't help you with your DIY blend - I have no experience with any of that - I prefer GH MaxiBloom from start to finish.

    By the way - you should shoot for a pH of around 6.0 - not 6.5 - that's for soil.

    Good luck to you.
  5. That's right you just told me to treat Coco as hydro... I'll make a fresh bottle. Back to the lab!
    Thanks again man
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