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  1. there's this chick. we talk sometimes, not a whole lot. we've gotten physical once. (not sex). haven't really hung out since. she seems to be keeping me distanced from her. but then again i haven't really "gone for it" if you know what i mean.

    she says she wants to get to know me better. but like i said we haven't really hung out.

    i want to think the reason nothing has really happened yet is because of a lack of effort on my part. that or she is just not interested me and kind of stringing me along.
  2. What advice do you want? You didn't ask a specific question on the situation.
  3. time to "go for it"
  4. but damn. it is hard for to just allow myself to be so vulnerable. I've had some bad past experiences. and they ended poorly. with me feeling like shit for a good chunk of time. i find it difficult to open up and give girls that i actually like an honest shot.

    girls i don't like or just want to bang. i find extremely easy to talk to and mess around with. lol

    but it's the ones i actually like or rather, i feel we would have a shot at a good relationship that i seem to try and stay away from. sort of self sabotage i guess.
  5. to me it seems like you're letting her know she has the upper hand, and that's making you less desirable

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