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  1. So some guys were threatening me on fb, they got my ip and were saying they were basically gonna put viruses on my modem, this is not real is it? ahaha
  2. No. Worst they'll do is DDoS your internet connection, which is equivalent to spamming refresh on your browser - it takes up all of your internet speed.

    If you're worried, you can change your IP address pretty easily. Use your computer's search function and type in 'cmd'. On the black window that pops up, type

    ipconfig /release


    ipconfig /renew

    This is assuming you're using Windows. Idk about Mac or Linux OSes
  3. Yah i changed my ip haha cheers man :)
  4. They're probably just some punks who think they're hot shit because they know what ip address means and probably didn't know what yours really was.
  5. Yeah they knew what mine was haha, they were just chatting bull i think
  6. No, it's not real. Just some stupid kids who don't know what they're talking about.
  7. ask them "how do you put a virus on a modem".

    they are obviously talking out of their ass.
  8. a real hacker wouldnt threaten you, they would just do it silently lol

    these are just some kids talking shit.

    thats like calling someone to threaten them before you kill them.....
  9. The only way they can take over your system remotely, is by tricking you into downloading a netbus/rat. Or they might spam you with a link that will have a malicious script. Just watch where you click and what you download.
  10. In most cases this will not change your WAN IP address because of something called NAT (Network Address Translation). You are only changing your LAN IP address which people on the Internet cannot see or access anyway.

    It depends on the make/model of your modem and if you are using a router. Some modems have a router built in.

    I can explain more but I tried typing it all up and the post was just ridiculous.
  11. I'd read it if you took the time to do it again :smoke:
  12. Most ISPs recycle IP addresses on a first come first served basis of available addresses. So to change your IP, simply turn off your modem and leave it off for a reasonable amount of time. 10-15 minutes should do. When you turn on the modem again, somebody else have probably snagged your old IP, and you are given a new one.

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