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Advice to find weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nancynooo, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. I am an older woman with health issues. I haven't smoked in years but really need it now for a chronic condition. MM is not legal here in NYS.

    My "circle" are people who don't do this. How do I find weed? I can't just show up at the North Campus and hang around at my age! Could I go to a head shop and ask or will they throw me out or report me? Not asking for a specific recommendation. I know that would cause trouble, but can anyone give me general guidelines for how to do this for someone who doesn't know anyone.

    After doing research I am also planning on buying a vaporizer . Any recommendations for something that is good for pain?
  2. Don't ask on the inside of the head shop. They are able to operate because they use the pretense that all their smoking accessories are for tobacco products or they'd be shut down. It would be easier to ask someone outside the shop but that might still seem suspicious to some paranoid folks.

    Do you have a NORML chapter in your town or nearby? You could possibly go there a few times, make friends and possibly get an opportunity that way.

    Do you know anyone at all who is pro-marijuana or pro-legalization? You might bring the subject up with them too.
  3. Pure win.:smoke:
  4. Thanks dragonmage. Im glad I asked because I was going to try a head shop tomorrow. Unfortunately the local chapter is only at the local university and I would stand out like a sore thumb with kids. I don't exactly look like a stoner to say the least (smile).

    Pure win?
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    Haha, it's even better if you don't look like a stoner kid. NORML is all for medical use, some kid there will probably point the way if you tell them why you need it. Just be chill and don't sound like a cop haha.

    Edit: Also, based on the north campus/university NORML, are you in Buffalo? If so, you can always look downtown. I've found stuff around Niagara Square(??, I think... it's a few blocks away from the mohawk place bar at least.) when i was visiting friends. Just look for the sketchy black guys hanging around and ask for a light or something, look out for cops, and avoid any "hash." Quality is really variable though :/
  6. Welllllllll I would offer the last ditch effort of going to WalMart and askin' your friendly stoner or dealer look alike. I'm not sure how much success you'll get with this - I can't see cops employing little old ladies for dangerous jobs such as drug dealer hunting but nonetheless you might sketch the dude out.

    Like those guys up there said though, find a NORML chapter around your area. I'm sure you could find somebody on GC in your area to advise you too, but keep in mind asking for hookups is against the rules and a mod would probably get you in trouble if you asked the wrong way, lol.

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