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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jimmyjon, Jul 26, 2019.

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    Hi all, I've been vegging 2 plants for a while now and it's been a rocky road. The second plant is 6 months old and the one on the left 3 months old. I've been growing them in perlite/peat moss/nute free mix under a 150w Mars led hydro. They're both about 46cm tall with 8 and 11 nodes. Both topped at 5th node. After the first 6 weeks I started adding nitrate/seasol to every 3rd water. And the last transplant I mixed in a little bit of potting mix with nutes already in it.

    I transplanted them into these big pots 3 weeks ago they were slightly rootbound and they seem to be doing well. I was just after some advice on what to do from here. Would it be a good time to switch them to flower? Some of the leaves are yellow I was wondering if I should leave them on the plant or pick them off.

    Plant 1 seems to be growing less dense but more outward. The older plant 2 doesn't seem to branch outward (just keeps growing up). Any reason why? Just wondering if they're healthy enough to flower, or if I should rehab them for another couple weeks then do the switch?

  2. I would say this is your biggest issue. Plants need there essential elements to thrive.
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  3. there both starving bro
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    if you aint been giving nutrients its like the others are sayin they need feeding dont say what strain the plant is if its an Indica or indica dom it can go up to maybe double its size ,for a Sativa or sativa dom plant it could triple it size when you put the plants in to flower ,,but you seem to have enough space for them to grow ...mac,
    PS you'l need flowering nutrients as well with low nitrogen and higher phosphorus and potassium ,,mac,
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  5. Cheers lads I gave them some water with heavy nutes 3 days ago and they bounced back incredibly quick. Watered them again with heavy nutes today and they looked even better only hours after.

    They look twice as fat and the leaves are broad praying towards the light. For weeks they didn't respond or grow toward the light at all. When I transplanted them 2 weeks ago the new soil had nutes in it, I added some nutes when watering a week later. Seemed they needed a shit tonne. I'll get some photos tomorrow as they're currently in a dark period. Flipped the lights to 12-12 two days ago hopefully they yield me at least 2oz as it's about to go dry in my area for a few weeks.
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