Advice somebody who’s listening to his like I’m thinking

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  1. [SIZE=11pt]Advice somebody who's listening to his like I'm thinking about doing this how would you describe it in sort of industrial what these ninety days were like would you say too easy to say it was far which is what you expected not what you said was that right uh... great [/SIZE]Neuro3x question in a minute unanswered fully but I want to get all at tiny background before right that's right Anne little back in real life I was actually read it when I got into this is a make thus make more sense I need to change and needed a spot well I don't know this because always you know I'm not happy positive person I wasn't not happy not positive at this point but it was like I felt complacent and lethargic with everything that was going on meeting what I mean by this marriage was awesome was excited newlywed that was great my show was doing you know the rice crops doing very well all the sponsorship sold out for the year rights also this is all .

  2. That might've been the longest sentence I've ever read. Really though, I have no idea what you said. I hope you're blazed to a level of 12/10 because that was horrendous to read.
  3. So're an idiot who is trying to advertise for an outside drug- not elicited by the forum guidelines.
    Got it. 

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