Advice required, thx in advance.

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    hi friends of grasscity,

    ive always grown in a bud box and loved it. easy to setup, small, convienent, taught me alot.

    Now i have recently started setting up a larger room, (4500 x 3500 = 15.75msq).
    i am currently running 4 x 600w hps, 1 x 4" outake with rhino carbon filter and 1 x 8" outake with rhino carbon filter, all ducted outside!?

    Room is setup up with black and white sheeting floors and walls, When outake's are on the vacum is almost pulling my sheeting down!!


    Now my temps are reaching 38c, so was thinking of adding an AC unit i have sitting around?

    So guru's please advise me :confused::D
  2. So i figure i need intake to level out air pressure?

    Can i remove the smaller outake and reverse it to intake, obviously getting rid of the smaller carbon filter?


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