Advice regarding age and brain development etc?

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  1. Hey there! This is my first post after visiting this site on many an occasion, I hope it is in the right place.
    So hello, I am 18 coming out of high school fairly strongly, working lots, living life etc etc. I also enjoy smoking/vaping weed. I started a year or so ago with my friend, occasionally smoking a bowl with him, then on impulse I bought the pax, which was marked up absurdly high, and started vaping on my own. Eventually I got to doing it every night before bed, no more than two normal hits, and going to sleep buzzed. I noticed over time that I would be drowsy and nonsensical at school, often forgetting words I wanted to use and not caring about my classes. This led to a very negative attitude which enhanced the problem I was having. So I stopped smoking, figuring I'd eliminate a variable and get back on track. The issue did not improve however, and I realized it may have to do with a poor sleep schedule. Upon attempting to sleep more, I found it improved my thinking ability and I began to vape again almost daily, smoking more than just a puff or two with friends on occasion.

    Way too much backstory. The point is, I have been vaping the same amount, like a couple hits every night since then, two grams will usually last me about two months or longer, pax rules. I also have adopted a new attitude and work ethic towards school and I find that smoking has had little noticeable impact on my ability to do well, better than I ever have in fact. Every once in a while however I will feel slightly not present, like out of it, and I can't help but think it may have something to do with smoking. Again though, I've been lacking sleep. The real question is, taking into account my usage, should I be fearful of the reduced brain development that studies frequently discuss? They talk about "heavy smokers," but never elaborate on what heavy means. I would very much like to have a compete brain by the time it is done developing.
    Thank you for taking the time to read and answer, hopefully this can be helpful to someone else. Goodnight all

    Tl;Dr: 18 y/o, taking a couple hits off the pax before bed for about a year now. 2g usually lasts a couple months. Should I be worried about reduced brain development?
  2. Your brain will be mostly developed, depends on how long you've been smoking for. I know exactly what you mean, when I was in my teens and at school I smoked about every weekend with friends and I certainly noticed a difference in my school abilities , I'd phase out in lesson and sometimes feel slightly high for some strange reason, and that I couldn't always comprehend information. I stopped smoking until I had all my qualifications
  3. Hey, thank you for the reply and the insight. I know exactly what you mean. It's tough to determine the problem when it could be one of many things.
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  4. The sensation you described goes away after a month or two also

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