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  1. Okay, so im a student living at in grade 12 about to graduate june /06, and im looking to start growing to support my habbit and just to get some extra weed. I am willing to spend the money. I already got 2 bag seeds(germinating at the moment). This grow will be in my closet in a box, i can eventually get a huge box in there:DI need to know what lights I need. I live in canada so preferably someone who lives in canada and they can tell me the cheapest most effective light and where to get it...:D thanks guys I realllly wannt get shit started.


  2. Depends how big the box is. With 2 plants i would go with a2ft wide 2 feet deep and anywhere from 3-6feet high. You can use cfl's for veg but if you can get a 250watt mh..then for flowering i recomend a 250watt hps .You can get them for cheap at idk if they ship to canada but they should.
  3. WTF!!!!!!! Hes in high school he cant afford that dude, shit i know i cant afford it. okay heres what u do go to homedepot and get some CFLs u can get a 2 pac for 11.99 GE makes them and the lumen output is 1700 a peice, buy some mylar, 10 dollars for like 200 yards put it on all the walls get a clamp lamp from home depot 11.99 and a y adapter screw the y adapter in the clamp lamp and screw the two cfls in the y adapter ta da 3400 luments for under 40 dollars get some nutes 25-10-10 or anytihng with a high first number , thats for the begingin and for the flowering stage 10-30-10 nute should work, but right now just worry about getting that stuff im also a senior so PM me if u have any questions
  4. Hell, I wouldnt even go near nutes.

    I think what Ill do is when my plants need it, go catch a fish by the river like 200 feet down the street :devious: and put some of him at the bottom of my pot. I heard it produces phenominal results.
  5. so are you moving out?

    because if you are still living in your parents house then you shouldnt be growing
  6. He said hes willing to spend the money. If he can get that then its better then thoes 2cfls What are they 27watts? and imo 3400 lumens isnt enough to grow even 2 plants.
  7. are you saying a high school student can't afford something that costs $90? haha, please...
  8. ...yup thats what im saying especially when I spend it all on weed:p , but 90 dollars is a big investment for job maybe thats why?:eek: , u need 2000 lumens per Square foot its enough for me and my grow space, but then agian i dont know how big his grow space is, but hey w/e juss tryna help

    Dank out
  9. damn i need one of those y adapters so i can screw it under my hood.
    anyways goodluck with your first grow.
  10. i sure as hell cant xD

    better get that job at carvel asap

    EDIT: where do i get a Y adapter for lights, all i can find are for electronics
  11. i got mine at ace hardware for 3.99, im sure any hardware store as them, if u look hard enough u can find one
  12. what exactly is it called so i can find it online
  13. Yea i keep hearing that all the time, i worked through highschool and college and had ample monies...

    Guess its who wants to make the money and who rather have it handed to them. Or at least stop buying weed for a week or 2 and save up to support your habit.
  14. yeah, seriously... I just garduated last year, just finished my first year of college about a week or two ago. I've had plenty of money for this... i mean if you spend so much on weed why can't you just take a break and save up money? it won't kill you to wait. that's just dumb.
  15. Smart ass, if you already know what you're gonna do, do it and quit asking stupid shit. Look through the forum and you can find suggestions to reject w/o bothering people.

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