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Discussion in 'General' started by bobvila15, Nov 8, 2003.

  1. I need some advice guys....ok heres the story. I have been with my girlfriend for over seven months now...and i deeply love her, more than anything. The reason i wake up in the morning is for her. BUT about a month ago i found out that she kissed one of my really good friends. When i heard about this i was obviously pissed but she said it only happened once and that she immediatly knew she fucked up and was sorry. Hearing this i decided that it wasnt bad enough to break up over. I mean we love each other so so so much...or so i thought. Yesterday i come to find that kissing is not all she did with him. Thats right, during the summer she lied to me about what she was doing and went over to his house and had sex with him...numerous times. She told him she still has feelings for him too. She tells me that it was a mistake and she never told me because she didnt wanna lose me and that she wants to be with me forever. Being with him was just a mistake. I need to know what to do...its killing me because i shouldnt forgive her for what she did should i??? i mean she broke my heart so bad. I havent stopped crying since i found out. I do know im gonna beat the living fuck outta my (ex) friend. But should i forgive and forget with her?? The woman i love and want to spend the rest of my life with??? any suggestions?? thanx.....its great to know i have ppl and friends to talk to about anything...i love you guys at the city...thanx
  2. chances are...if shes already done it to you, whats to stop her from doing it again? i dunno, im not an expert when it comes to gp wotj upr gut/heart
  3. some people do learn from their mistakes......
    take it from someone who's made a few.
    best wishes
  4. People can be such WJHORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want so much to be a whore@AAAAAAAAAAAAAA I love everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <<<Mabye my bestfriend be everythning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. If she hadn't lied about it then I'd probably suggest that you forgive her...forgetting is almost impossible. I have a thing about people lying though. I'd rather be cheated on and told the truth about it. The lying part is what I wouldn't be able to get over.

    If she truly loved you like you love her, I don't understand why she needed to seek out attention elsewhere. I know that I wouldn't be able to have sex with another guy while I was truly in love with someone else.

    You have to do what's best for you. If you really want to make it work, then try to forgive her. Good luck with it. :)
  6. thanx for the advice still stuck on what to do..shes comin over tonight so we can talk....i hope things work out....but in a way i dont u know??? i dont wanna be hurt again...idk but thanx
  7. I've fucked up with my gf a hundred times...

    But it doesnt mean I don't love her...

    Your gf fucked up and acted on impulse..if she didnt love you she wouldnt have told you and wouldnt be asking you to forgive her...She'd be fucking your friend...kapeeeesh?

    You love her she loves you..get over it its for the best.

    Love you though

  8. fuking break up with her ass dude dump her fuckin cus her out ...

    My girlfriend went to moivies with my best friend and i knew it the second they both werent online .. and iwas like ok same thing they said they only kissed .. and i forgave her cause i loved her like u love ur gf .. then i found ut 2 days later that she beat him off and he fingerd her and i STILL didnt dump her cause of reasons u wont dum ur gf....

    now .. we are broken up for a while and i regret not dumping her the second i found out she cheated on me and it still hautns me occasonaly ...

    get rid of that skank man..
  9. My thoughts similar to RMJL, only I think both levels of betral are bad. If people would stop 'taking it', maybe there wouldn't be so much divorce and cheating in our world?...

    I dated a person for 3 years and let them cheat on me and treat me horribly. In the begining he was great. 7 months of pure heaven. After I was addicted to him he changed. He slept with everything that moved and even though he didn't tell me about it, all of his friends did. I never told him to stop or told him what a horrible person he was so I feel that I am partly to blame. I should have ended that relationship the first time I really knew he was cheating.

    I feel that if you give rotten people an inch they will take a mile. She has already betrayed you in two ways, lying and cheating. Does she not even take into consideration how much she hurt you? No, she just slept with him anyway. When you are in love you respect that person, you respect them enough to break up with them before cheating. Life can be a motherfucking bitch, but there is no reason to treat those you love like they are the motherfucking bitch...

    No matter what is said in this thread, you have to do what is right for you. How much has this effected your life? Are you going to be able to trust her after all this knowledge? Is this possible new mistrust going to create a very complicated relationship for you both? ---wait a minute...

    ARG...WTF...I just saw that this was an old thread. motherfucker. Life really is a bitch sometimes. I just wasted all these comments on history. I need to smoke a joint.
  10. 'I feel that if you give rotten people an inch they will take a mile'

  11. glad i read DBW post before commenting

    i hate when old threads like this are brought back which we obviously cannot give advice to the guy as it was 2 some years ago

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