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  1. I am a first-time marijuana growing and was helping to get some advice on when to harvest my plants. I've heard that some people split the Stoc k and flush them with water for a week first and then hang them upside down to dry I'm just unsure of when to do this and if that's the best way to cure them
  2. Harvest is usually mid to late Oct. Or before the first hard freeze is expected if it applies.

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    What does curing your bud do?

    How I dry and cure.

  3. Yeah, just a bit of research and you should find all the info you need......check when "harvest window" for your area is....learn what the trichomes are supposed to look like (mostly cloudy with a few ambers) and how to cut and dry...and then cure your can grow the BEST weed in the world....but if you don't dry an cure it might as well be hay......imo
  4. Thank you for your advice. Should I try to split the stock up the middle and flush them with plain water for a week?
  5. This is me personally now..........but I would not be splitting anything at this stage.....I would just keep watering and feeding like you have been and just be patient until harvest time.....they are looking great.....don't go try something crazy and mess it up right before you reach the "pot of gold"
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  6. No and No.
    But that is just my take on things. I've only been growing the herb since 1976 so what could I know??


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  7. Would you split the stems at any point? Should I flush them with with water and stop adding nutrients 1 week before?
  8. I personally wouldn't split the stems....I have heard of supercropping and the similars...but not necessarily SPLITING the main stem....

    Some people believe in flushing and others don't...........Im really not trying to give you vague answers...its just REALLY how it's really UP TO YOU if you wanna "flush" it or not....
  9. Thank you, I just want to reduce the harshness as much as possible
  10. Your answer to that is a good dry and cure.......refer to what BNW posted above^^^

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