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  1. Hey can someone tell me what could cause this I'm in week 3 of flower almost 4

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  2. more information is required for a accurate answer . but a educated guess a root problem or the plant is not getting enough water . are your pots really small ? or is it hydro ? any time a leaf hangs lifeless its water issue .
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  3. There in 5 gallon buckets pro mix grow was it's only the tops of two plants that a few leaves are hanging
  4. Post pics taken under natural light...not HPS or LED, as it skews the color of the plant. The coloration of the foliage is how you diagnose 90% of plant problems so having them all look yellow doesn't help. Got to tell us more about what you have, what you're doing as far as tending, how you're growing it, etc. ....and a better pic. If you're talking about drooping, they droop normally when too wet or too dry. Always let your plant dry out to nearly dead dry (should be able to lift the container and it feel light as a feather). Water very slowly until the soil is saturated and then go away and put NOTHING else in there until they are "light as a feather" again. Most new growers over water heavily. Your plants could likely use a repot into some fresh soil. The soil mix is important too. These plants need a VERY light arid soil mix for excellent drainage since the roots hate sitting in wet soil all the time.
  5. It looks like classic over watering to me based on the limited info we have. Stick your finger in the media and tell us if it feels wet. Like Widow White said, "they droop when too wet or too dry. You got a 50/50 there. The finger test will help. Stick that digit deep in the pot and let us know whats what.
  6. She's dry it's water day today tho so I'll do my water and let you all know if it helps thanks
  7. So today is water day? Maybe it should've been yesterday or even tomorrow.
    The reason I say this, is because as the plant gets larger and it goes into flower, it most likely will need more frequent waterings. Other factors could also influence the watering schedule. Heat, humidity etc. I wait till my soil is dry and the plant begins to be a little droopy. I used to water once/ wk. Then twice. Now 3. Let us know how she reacts. I'm willing to bet she'll perk right up.
  8. come on now . add perlite to the soil and use the finger test . put your finger in about an inch deep if its dry water .
  9. I water more now then before maybe it still wasn't enough I lift the plants to see how heavy and light they are. It's likely needed water but Iv seen plants droop needing water Iv never seen just half the leaves on the top bud droop
  10. It's my first grow so I'm learning all the help and advice is greatly appreciated I wanna learn so I'll take what ever advice I can get thank you all
  11. no prob. she should have perked up by now if lack of water was the prob. Did she? I would rec SIP planters or also called SWICK planters. Takes the guess work out of watering too much or too little IF you are using a soil medium.
  12. i grow in coco and soil and found my cocos are every 2 days and soil fall exactly at twice that (4 days). also depends on pot size and shape ive noticed. square slightly less often. i use all 3 to 4 gallon pots with lots of drainage holes.
  13. Its gotten better but still few tips curled I wasn't able to take any pictures ill have to go down later or in the morning, The plant looks great just a few tips at the top are curlin down hard
  14. sounds like you are on the right course

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