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Discussion in 'General' started by Zooted613, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. Alright so at the moment I have about $30, but I wasn't too sure on what to buy. I was thinking of getting either, eye drops, a new grinder to replace my shitty two piece, a torch lighter, a rolling tray, a cheap China glass piece, or just save it up for a rainy day. And before anyone says it, yes I already bought dank. Please ik it's a bit of a dumb question, but a help a young confused sapling out lol.
  2. Buy a bubbler, bong or a piece! Im high as fuck buddy

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  3. Save your dough.
    You'll need more weed soon enough.
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  4. munchies

    Or some kind of media entertainment
  5. Support your local prostitutes.:coolalt:
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  6. Having just recovered from conjunctivitis I would recommend the eye drops. ;)
  7. If you don't know what to buy, why spend your money? Wait until you're like 'damn gotta have that!'
  8. God dammit, summer.
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  9. $30 eye drops? Sheesh.
    But please dont waste your money on a rolling tray, I'd spring for the grinder myself.

    Good rule of thumb to go by: If you cant buy it twice, you cant afford it.
  10. I have no idea what you should buy with your $30 since I don't know what you have. I presume you're young, so there are probably a lot of things you don't have yet.

    I'm gonna take a shot in the dark here and suggest you go to the thrift shop and get a nice looking leather jacket. That's about the farthest you'll take that $30 in the long run.

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  11. Spend it all, you'll be rich in the future
  12. Thank you all for the advice, decide to, buy visine, doughnuts, a hooker, and save all the left over money. Thanks y'all!!

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  13. Just get a 15-20$ bowl and a one hitter dugout. Those things come in handy. They conserve a lot and they're convenient.
  14. Save it. Start a emergency weed fund for when you're running low.

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