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  1. Hey everyone hows it going. Im a new hobbiest and im gonna show you my set up honestly im kinda afraid to show you guys since iv seen some of yours and they put mine to shame. keep in mind i just started yesterday and dont have my set up fully finished. was wondering if you could give me some tips
    1. what else should i get?
    2. how often do should i water them?
    3. when i transfer them into 4gallon pots should i use coaco liners?
    4. stupid question but does music really make them grow better?
    5. is there anything else i should be giving them besides light and water and fresh air?
    6. the one in the picture to the right hasnt stood up like the other one should i give it some time?
    im have about 4 more seeds germinating atm they havnt poped yet im looking to get at least 6 ounces total from all of them when im done just to last until next harvest. 


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  2. Oof. You're gonna need a hole lot more light if you want a zip a plant...
  3. well i have 3 more bulbs right now but i didnt know if i should use them all at once since they are babies still i thought it would let off too much light maybe idk. Should i hook them all up then?
  4. Nah, you're right, but be careful, they might start to stretch bad if you don't keep an eye on em.

    CFLs? How many and what color spectrum?
  5. right now im using 1 cfl its 23w natural daylight 1600 lumen i have 3 more of them.  i cant find anything better then 1600 lumens for some reason i looked at wally world and lowes. im going back today to pick some more stuff up though  maybe ill ask someone to help me find something stronger
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    More light on seedling and some air movement. Moving will strengthen the stem. Those peat pots you have them in dry up in about an hour so I would get rid of those too

    Make sure that your cfls are very close to the plant like a couple inches.

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  7. ok well should i just plant them in the 4 gallon pots now then? or are they too small as of now to do that i dont wanna shock them.  i have a fan thats running atm but the wind dosnt really get into the bucket too much i need to get some sort of water catcher tray was thinking about using a turkey tray.
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    There's no need to move them into bigger pots yet. If you have tin foil right now buy some Mylar and use that instead and for the tray to catch water I just use I cookie tray with about 1 inch sides
  9. Water them less often than you think.  Especially when they are small, if they spend days sitting in soaking wet soil, that is bad.  The pictures you posted, they are too wet, don't water them that much again.
    When you transfer them to 4 gallon pots, this is still true.  Until the roots actually grow to fill that 4 gallon pot, a lot of the soil will just sit wet for ages.  Water the plant, not the pot.
    You are not going to have a problem of "too much light" using CFLs you bought from a hardware store.  The only problem is too much heat, but you have a fan so, more light! More light is good!
    Those degradable pots, are pretty crappy but they will be find for a week while the plant starts to grow some roots.  You're using them now, just wait it out, but next time maybe get some seedling trays or something. 
    You won't grow 6 plants with your CFLs.  If you do, you'll grow 6 lillipop plants, 12 inches high, and you'll get a few grams off each.  I've done it myself.  You might be able to get 1oz per plant if you grew 2 plants, but you'd also need at least six 23w bulbs minimum, and you'd have to do some LST or maybe a scrog.
    If you use CFLs, you need to keep them less than 5 inches from the leaves, or you're wasting time and energy.
    If you have soil, they do not need anything else apart from light and water.  You won't make them grow faster with nutrients, unless you have enough light, and even if you had 20 bulbs running that wouldn't be enough to justify nutrients for weeks at least.
    Tin foil is useless.  It looks shiny but it is a trick of your eyes.  White, flat white, works better than foil.  Mylar looks a bit like foil, but it is actually very different.  Look at your foil for a moment.... it is mostly grey, right?  Not very bright!  White is better, if you can't get mylar accept no alternative.
    Good luck!
  10. Also let the pots dry out before you water again. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415557950.441252.jpg
    These types of trays work great for catching water
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    ok so if i need more light then should i worry about watts or lumens ? should i just invest into one bulb or many?
    and should i only water it once a day or so
  12. 1. A digital ph meter with 3 step calibration. Saved my ass many times!!

    2. As often as they need it. Once the medium it dry to touch, give them water. You don't want them to dry up. It's hard to over water them, but I usually do every 4th day

    3. As soon as they look strong enough and have outgrown their original seedling pots. It should not take long - maybe two weeks..

    4. I have heard it bodes well for plants of any species man. Experiments I've heard plants love classical. It may affect your yield, it may not. But a happy plant is going to be a healthy plant and more resistant to stress.

    5. Nutes. But not too much. You want to keep your PH in check otherwise no nutes on earth will help. Once the plants medium gets alkaline or acidic, you get nutrient lockouts and fuck me flushing is the LAST thing you want to do. Sucks. Hard. I use Dutch Master nutes. Advanced nutes is another big name, but I have heard people say they aren't great - their marketing is.

    Veg and flower nutes, plus even a foliar spray if you're adventurous haha. Go easy with the nutes though. They can fuck your medium ph hard if you use too much or too often. Every 3rd water is good.

    6. All plants grow differently. Some grow straight, some are as but retarded at first. Once they get going they should even out :)

    Best of luck!

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  13. Rule of thumb is, 100w (actual watts not equivalent) of light power minimum.  Lumens do matter, but a bulb will produce fewer lumens over time.  If you have the choice between two bulbs, both 23w, one has more lumens than the other, pick the one with more lumens, but otherwise watts will do.  Once you have 100watts (i.e. 4 or 5  23w bulbs), you want to add at least 1 more bulb for each addition plant.
    If you put it all in 1 bulb, CFLs don't produce very penetrating light, so when it is all coming from one place.... your second plant is far away from it.  If you have two CFLs you can put them one over each plant.  They light each other, but also each plant gets its own light.  If you have 4 CFLs, two each plant is better than four all together.  As your plants grow and take up more space, you'll see how you want to spread the CFLs our a bit.
    If it was my grow, I would be looking to have 2-3 lights running right now, and within a couple of weeks I would be running 6 bulbs in two groups of three, total between 100-150watts.
    You should water it only when it needs watering!  They do not like to be wet, they prefer to be a little dry.  As it grows it will want different amounts, some days you will water it once a week and some days every 2 days.  Right now, probably every couple of days, just a couple of tablespoons
  14. holy shit i been drowning them :( my babies i am a horrible father!  ok ill add another light today for the other little guy maybe 2 just to get him standing up since hes my retarded son lol he needs some extra help thats ok.  and i took the two pots out of the bucket and the things were soaked i didnt realize since i coudlnt see in the bucket i didnt wanna move them too much but i took them out and now the wind is hitting them nicely.

    yea im gonna get a ph tester just ran out of money since im a poor man lol. might pick one up today 
  15. CFLs need to be the right spectrum, for veg you need 6500k bulbs.
  16. No they don't
    The light emitted from 6500K CFL bulbs is marginally better suited to vegetative growth, and the light emitted from 2700K CFLs is slightly better matched to the light used by the plant during flowering, but the difference is small.  It is far less important than the amount of light, or most other things.
    Having said that, the "daylight" "photography" 5000K spectrum bulbs don't have very good wavelengths for growing, they're like the worst of both worlds.  Other than avoiding those, it doesn't matter that much.
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    You're saying the exact same thing. I'm sure some idiot has tried candle light before. I didn't feel the need to go on about how other spectrums work but may not be as effective. Op.....Just get 6500k for veg so you have the right bulb and not something less effective or something for photography. I live by start right, stay right not start half assed and stay half assed. I don't understand why someone who spends months growing a beautiful plant would want anything less the the most effective. I understand money limits. CFLs are cheap and sold everywhere in the modern world or over this new fangled thing called the interweb, so I don't understand why someone would want to use something that isn't as effective. CFLs already have drawbacks why make it worse
    Not all that cheap, especially if you have to buy 6-8 of them, and then a whole other set of 6-8 bulbs for flowering, and the connectors or fittings to use them all.  OP has already mentioned money is an issue.  More bulbs turned on is way more important than whether they are warm or cool white, it will grow either way but it wont grow or flower at all unless there's enough light, period.
    However, they did already mention that the lights were "daylight" ones from a hardware store.  It's not clear if there are 6500K already, like you suggest (and will also work fine for flowering too), or if they are the inbetween "natural" 5000K ones which are worst of all.  Hence the other information I gave..
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    And my point still is 6500k is the best bet for veg. If you're going to buy them anyways get the correct ones.
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    ok i just looked at the ones i have i didnt know what you meant by 6500k but i finally found it on the bulb  but im using 5000k are the bulbs a lot more money then what these would be i think i paid like 7 bucks for 2  of the 5000k ones. i can always return the unopened package and get the better ones.
    and question for anyone who can answer. how long until these plants will start to smell i see on videos people use carbon filters but they never say where they get them or how much they are. do they work and are they worth it

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