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advice please

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by danbigbud123, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Can I put my 3 week old plants into flower im not looking for a big yeild and not much space to work with
  2. Yes you can flower your plant at any time you choose to. You can flower straight from seed if u wanted to.

    chill & smoke some bud!
  3. Yes you can. You can flower photoperiod strains at anytime. They will easily double to triple in size, so be careful!

    If you have limited vertical space, wait to switch and train for the next week. Look into LSTing. You probably can't LST the main stem, but you could pull down the branches so they're laying sideways almost
  4. Thanks for the advice guys how long typically will it be before i am harvesting? If i put into flower next week? And i will have a read up about LSTing
  5. I flowered mine at 12" there now just under 20" so b prepared for the vertical growth if you switch to 12/12 8-10 weeks give or take

  6. How long ago did you start flowering?
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    Is it a bagseed?

    Most strains finish in 8-12 weeks. Indicas finish earlier(8-10wks) than Sativas(10-14wks). Some indicas may finish earlier than 8 weeks, and some sativas may last longer than 14 weeks. You can usually tell whether a plant is Indica or Sativa by the width of their blades. Indica leaves are very fat and the plant layout of branches is similar to a bush. Sativas have long skinny blades and grow tall, usually into an x-mas tree type shape, unless trained.
  8. 5 are bagseed 4 are blueberry so i have been told
  9. I forced mine so i think im at 8 weeks i dont really count the first 2 weeks of 12/12 cause it didnt even show sex till 10 days in.
  10. Oh cool i will flip mine tommorow then because i only have 3/4 ft vertical space and using a 600 watt hps so plants will burn am i right insaying the plants will still veg until they show there sex?
  11. I think that when you make the switch it shocks the plants for a little bit until they adjust, slowing growth for a week or so, then I believe they stretch like hell for a while
  12. A hormone by the name of Phytochrome (Pr) reaches a critical level each night after 12hrs of uninterrupted dark. After 4-6 days of Pr reaching that critical level, it induces flowering. When flowering begins they'll stretch, then begin to produce flowers
  13. Do you mean 3 to 4 feet from the surface of the medium? That is really short. The 600 should be at least a foot away from the tops.

  14. I have 3/4 foot away from the top of my plants at the moment so they have still got a good 3 ft of growing before they are a foot away from the light thats why i want to flower early so i have enough room and the dont get to tall
  15. You could LST them so your plants could get much bigger and your limited height would be much less of an issue Good luck

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