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  1. My Tahoe, 4 weeks in veg. 3 gallon pots, fox farm ocean forest, why the yellowing??? Any advice is appreciated!!!

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  2. The pic isn't enlarging for me & the current size is too small for a solid diagnosis. Larger pics, some from the side & some showing the whole plant would be helpful.
  3. Maybe these will help, thanks for your input!!! Could it be my light was too close?? 400 watt hps in a tent. Sorry about the toilet, i needed a stand for the pics!!!

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  4. Bump. Can't anybody help a bro grower out??
  5. What nutrients are you feeding them? How often? Are you checking the ph of the water?
  6. What are your temps and are you feeding it nutes?
  7. Fox farms grow big 2 tsp/gal, big bloom 2 tblsn/gal. Just switched light from t-5s to 400 watt hps.temps 75 to 82 max. Air cooled light. Showing preflowers, on 20/4, want to go 12/12. Affraid to go 12/12. Also did a sledgehammer rinse 2 tblsn /gal, per instruction. Maybe i didn't flush enough? Thanks!
  8. 2 tsp gb n 2 tbsp bb / gal? id do less mayb c wat happens

  9. Your temps are good, What are your PH run off readings and also what type of PH meter are you using? Should only flush every two weeks or if theres a problem keeping the PH in a good range. Also remember that when you flush your not only flushing excess salts that build up in the soil out but also flushing the nutes out.
  10. Hanna HI 98128 tester, the solution going in is always 6.4 to 6.5. I neglected to take a runoff sample last watering. I did the Sledgehammer flush at week 4. From experience I know the Big Bloom rarely burns. Grow Big burns in excess, but not the way I'm seeing now. Could it be as simple as HPS burn, maybe some epson salts, more N (grow Big)????? THANKS!
  11. Just ran a soil test, 6.6 ph! Close to perfect. So confused
  12. what is your soil mix? It may be too solid and holding water for too long if it is starting to droop like that.
  13. Fox Farms Ocean Forest, its the yellowing im most concerned about

  14. How often are you feeding and are you feeding at full stength? Also when you said that you ran a soil test I`m assuming that your testing the PH of the water and or nute mix run off? As for the leafs looking a little droppy that can be from over watering or under watering. To me it looks like a nitrogen deficiency.
  15. Heat stress, even though your temps are right, she's not used to the intensity of the hps. That's also why she's losing more water than she can take in, and drooping as a result. I'd just raise the light a bit and hope for the best.
  16. The light is air cooled, i can even touch the glass with my hand no prob. I moved the light up a bit. Could it be possible it's a zinc deficiency?
  17. ^doesn't matter, heat is transferred in 3 ways, radiation is burning your plant dude. plant hardens after a few days.
  18. new pic, could this be a heat issue?

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  19. Looks like a heat issue to me as well. Doesnt look like a zinc deficiency like the one it shows in the link below. Figure 18 on the page. I had this happen before on some outdoor plants with new growth at the top when we had temps get around 104.

    Diagnosing Marijuana Cannabis Plant Abuse Problems Charts and Photos

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