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  1. Ok I have a 9 in. baby, a 2 1/2in, 3in, and 1in. With the exception of maybe one they are all from seeds taken from some of My swag bags.

    All are in soil, mixed with worm castings.3 are on 18/6 lighting period using a Halogen 300watt 120v double ended quartz EHM bulb, the 1in baby is on 24hrs of flouro, and I have an oscillating fan and ceiling fan in the room. For now all I do is water when they seem to need it. What else should I do for a low budget grow, with exceptional yield? How long should the worm castings work in the soil before I have to feed it through the waterings? Could the worm castings have an effect on the ph of the soil? What are usually some agents that cuase the soil to become acidic? What is a good sollution to use once I need to feed with water? Are there any homeade recipies, using something that I may have here at the house, for the sollution?

    Sorry for so many questions, but I have been reading all I can about cultivating, and am just so eager to try it out. These four plants are for my own personal use and experimentation. Well one or two plants may go to a friend aor family member so they may have their own house plant, but for now i will bring them up at least until i can figure out how to sex these babies?

    Thanks for all your help I'm looking forward to your replies.

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  2. Kindguy, Your original post is dated March 23, 2002, today is March 26, 2002. In my book that makes it only 3 days since your post has been up not two weeks. If I missed it on Monday i'm sorry, but its hard to look up answers for everyone's questions if you don't know the answer off the top of your head. But, we are here to help if we can. If you feel that you are being ignored, Please PM me or any other of the mods here and we will be happy to help if we can.

    First off, the halogen light is going to cause you trouble in the long run Ndica is the light expert not me, but the halogen puts off the wrong spectrum and puts off way too much heat.

    Worm castings are good organic source of nutes but I would supplement with a water slouble fert after flowering has started, instead of miracle-gro I am now recommending Schultz bloom special (i think its the name) its a competitor of miracle gro and its a little cheaper. Just look for the schultz container at home depot/lowes/walmart with 10-56-10 fert ratio. Fertilize about once every two weeks and keep and eye on the leaf tips for overfert or salt build-up

    As far as home recipes out there, I know i've seen them but store-bought nutes are so cheap that its easier to buy than make your own.

    Soil pH is a concern if you are planting in the great outdoors but all commercially available potting mixes are are already pH balanced. In the great outdoors it depends on your local soil conditions, in general most soils are on the acidic side, but this is not an iron clad rule. Take a look around at the natural vegatation, if you see lots of pine trees and orange looking broom sage, its definately acidic. Adding powdered lime to the soil helps.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Hey thanks anyway. I don't think I meant to be an ass about the whole thing, I do understand that I'm not the only one here sorry if it came out that way. I must have been pretty stoned though, especially since you say that it has only been three days BPP. That makes me laugh because I could have sworn it's been longer. Oh well. Again thanks anyway.

    About the light yeah I figured the light may not work for the whole life of the plant, I'm in the process of getting an other light.

    One question on the light is there a ballast that I can use HPS bulbs as well as the other one, what the HPM or something?
  4. Post must have been edited...I missed the 2week,,,3day thing......but...nobody is ignored here..

    BPP....had it right
    Halogens kill....

    If need be,,there is a HPS/MH conversion bulb available,as well as HPS/MH switchable ballasts.

    Worm castings alone is generally not enough for the medium,,,it is high in N rapidly available to plant ,to much can make medium acidic,this is normally thwarted with fine dolomitic lime,at the time the medium is mixed. Hydrated lime in small doses can help recover from excess toxicity.


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