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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Jimbilly2, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. OK so I've got a couple plants flowering right now and one has a problem with a few of the leaves. First some details; FFOF soil in 3 gallon pot, vegged for 30 days under cfl, 1 month into flowering under 400hps, I have only fed like twice since I switched to 12/12 and mixed according to the chart on the GH go box. Temps have never been over 85 during the day but usually top out at 78-79. Nights have been as low as 60. I have excellent ventilation and an oscillating fan. The other plant looks healthy to me and the problem plant is only affected on a few of the biggest fan leaves. Also the glass on my hood is about 4 inches away from the tops so about 8 inches from bulb to bud. One more thing, I did spray plain 6.5 pH water on the plants. Everything my plant gets is 6-7 pH. Any help is appreciated. If I left any important info out let me know. 1456451449555.jpg 1456451457634.jpg 1456451466457.jpg 1456451472726.jpg 1456451481101.jpg 1456451490448.jpg 1456451497603.jpg
  2. Mine is kinda doing the same thing but I use no nutes. Ima newb but pretty successful so far with the MG

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  3. Yea I'm not too concerned with it as long as it doesn't progress. It's just bugging me a lil, I like things to be as good as they can
  4. Dang I was really hoping someone had an idea, did I forget something or what??
  5. You defiantly shouldn't be pulling of the fan leaves bud.

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  6. Careful with the spraying. Can lead to burn spots. Did you spray while the lights were on? The beads of water on the leaves act like a magnifying glass.
  7. Yes the lights were on, I just didn't think this looked like light burn. I will definitely stop spraying during their day though. Also I didn't really think only pulling two of the fans would hurt but like i said I'm the newb. I appreciate y'alls help. I'm learning more from this site everyday.
  8. You will get it bud.. That's why we are here.. We all have questions.. Feel free to ask anything on here.

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  9. It is A pH issue. Check the runoff ph and ppm. I use to say fuck ph but is extremely important.

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  10. I pull them. You don't want you other tops covered by fan leaves. Don't strip it though lol.

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  11. Yea those are the only two fans I got. I have been adjusting my water between 6 and 7 but haven't checked run off at all. That's getting put on the checklist. You guys are so helpful. Anyways I will be checking run off and I'm sure I'll have plenty more ?s in the future. Thanks again

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