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  1. I have just started to cultivate and I currently have 4 plants that I have grown from seed. They are in an Emily's Garden Hydro setup. I got a nute starter kit with a recipe and have been following it to the T. The plants are flourishing right now and seem to grow about 1/2 inch per day. They are bright green and show no signs of distress.
    I will begin to flower them in 2 more weeks probably when they are about 16-18 inches high. At that point I will sex them and tear out the males. Ok now for my question.
    Can I flower them, harvest most of the bud,(assuming some turn out to be female)and the revert back to veg mode leaving a few buds and then make clones from the one(s) that are most desirable? That is my plan right now, but some input would be nice.
    Long term I would like to make one a mother plant and just get clones from it forever.
    Am I on the right track? I know the seeds are good because they came out of bags of super kind bud from my med mj provider.
    Any input would be helpful. The learning curve on this shit is steep but fun.
    thanks in advance for you help.
  2. u can re veg them after flower but is a bit time consuming and stresses the plant a bit. u can also clone from that plant. i would take clones a week before flowering. i c u have a med license up there. i also have mine here in colorado. i started with clones bought at my dispensary, dont know if they sell em there. u can take clones from a plant and keep those genes going by cloning clones vs. keeping a mother as im doing. good luck!
  3. your going to run into stunted plant syndrome. the plant will take forever to come out of bloom... but it will... eventually
  4. Thanks for your help, yeah my med card just ran out now and our legislature is playing games so I probably won't be able to renew. Anyway, yeah I think I will just clone first and then label them. When the plants flower then I can just throw out the clones of the ones that prove male. I will put up some pics and try to keep this thread going. thanks for the advice though.
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    Another quick question: My lights off temp is around 65 F and lights on is about 80F. Is that too much variation?
    Also, is it normal to have to lower the PH of the water in my rez every other day or so?

    Finally, I see lots of picks where guys have trimmed the big water leaves near the bottom of the plant. Should I do this, what is the reason for it? They don't cut the leaves off they just trim the fronds down a bit.
    Here is a pic, are they ready to flower yet?

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