Advice on why not many bud spots of top of colas

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  1. "White hiars" /bud spots on the top on some colas of mine but right under the top they are starting. It is the same plant. Different angles show the hps more than others. Thanks for advice [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Looks like ph may be off, nutrients may be too strong, or you may have buildup of nutrient in the soil/medium. It's very hard to tell much from a couple of blurry pics. The twisted almost deformed leaves and the off color along with the abnormal bud growth tell me ph off is a likely culprit or toxicity of some element in the medium. It may need a flush if I had to guess by just that pic. Run ph 6.5 water through it until about 1 gallon has come out of the drainage of the pot and let it dry out. Come back with 1/2 strength nutrients and see how it is in a week.
  3. Ok thank you. It is in dwc i have another to that are doing great one of them is the same strain the pictrue is the other one same strain same nutes ever thing is the samea with the two and i thought this one looks good. [​IMG]
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