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advice on wat to do about this qp...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by devinh124, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. so i re-upped today and got the usual qp from my dude man, but this time i noticed the stuff was alot drier than advice on how i can re moisten this qp and save it!?!?
  2. hm... i dont know too much about moistening it but i do know if you put it in a mason jar it will keep what moisture is left around.
  3. take the white/clear lettuce from the bottom of the head and put it in the bag and the next day it shuld be fine. but it adds weight to the buds so its cheap if u sell it to peeps cuz then u adding weight.. alotta peeps suggest the orange peel instead.
  4. Yeah I'd go with an orange peel along with your weed in a mason jar. After about 5 hours take the peel out and your good to go.
  5. ok heres kinda wat i have done, i put the qp in a ziplock back, left it open, place some orangle peels in a like airtight glad container then put the opened ziplock bag in there...will that work the same way?
  6. im not sure on this but i think there supposed to be in the same bag as the weed because moisture comes off of the oranges and it will give ur bud moisture to
  7. ya tru...the only thing is that this qp is freakin huge b/c its some grape kush and its so big and fluffy i jus dont wanna dump it in something ya know, kinda wanna keep it in the original bag to deal with the orange peels, cuz def dont want this stuff to have any chance of molding b/c it cost me lots of $$

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