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  1. I've never used cannibis, since I just avoid things that are against the law. But I was thinking of visiting Colorado and giving it a try. I'm actually interested in the oil and not smoking. Any tips on how I should go about it? Anything I should be aware of so I can avoid it? Where in Colorado should I visit?

    I have literally no idea where to start.
  2. Youre going to get high off your ass if youve never had oils before. If you dont want to smoke, id suggest using a vaporizer in a cafe. Like a volcanoe brand for example

    Oils are a lot for newbies.

    Good luck

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  3. Dispensary shops! They'll be more than happy to help.

    And no need to view smoking with such negative connotation. Have you drank before? If so, that's like 100x worse than weed in literally every way imaginable, you've already done something worse than weed if that's the case. All weed does is heighten your senses. Alcohol fucks up your senses.
  4. I actually don't drink alcohol anymore, and didn't drink much when I did. Smoke makes me cough, so if I can experience the weed without the smoke I'd call that a win. But... I guess I could try smoking it if it is the most reasonable option.

    I'm actually not trying just for no reason. I am curious to see what beneficial effects it can have. If it is enjoyable, all the better. I might have to measure my blood pressure before and after, since I do have high-ish blood pressure. I took blood pressure meds for 4 weeks at the recommendation of a doctor, but figured out that it is garbage and would likely send me to an earlier grave than just having the high blood pressure.
  5. Try edibles. Then you don't have to smoke or vape anything into your lungs.

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  6. Try edibles. Ask the shop you go to for one that is divided up in to small doses. That way you can start low.
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  7. One word for the uninitiated:

  8. Any good hotels or motels that are cheap for an extended stay?
  9. If you are by yourself hostels are cheap... the one I stayed at is out of business but it only cost me 25 bucks a day for a week haha the cheapest motel I could find was over 70 but I know there are more hostels I just don't know the prices

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  10. Yep, I'd be by myself. So what cities should I consider if I'm looking for some beautiful forest scenery?
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  11. I like Fort Collins... Denver and whatnot... you can always make the drive over to the mountains and take hikes from those general locations imo.

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  12. Anywhere in the mountains has awesome scenery. I'm in Southern Colorado but the towns I would recommend visiting would be Salida, Buena Vista, Cripple Creek, Manitou Springs, and woodland Park. Once you go west of the front range there are many awesome little places to go. Before you leave civilization though, make sure your destination has retail stores. Many of the smaller cities and counties opted out of retail cannabis sales so if you don't pick up in town your screwed. The ones that do have retail are so far removed from competition that prices can get crazy.
  13. I like oils (currently have a Blue Razz oil that is yummy) but they can be strong. My advice is visit a dispensary and get a little bud instead. Try an uplifting Sativa strain. Go somewhere physically beautiful (which shouldn't be too hard in Colorado) and start slow just one hit at a time. Give yourself time between hits until you feel pleasantly high. Make sure you have water for cotton mouth. If you find you like the bud then you may want to try an oil. If you use the pre filled cartridges then you will also need a cheap pen vaporizer which you can get for under 20 bucks. Oils are a bit stronger so take it slow. I'd stay away from edibles for now since it's easier to over do it with them. Have fun and enjoy yourself.
  14. Just got back from Colorado. Here's the pass from Durango to Grand Junction. Outstanding dispensary in Parachute called Tumbleweed.


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  15. Alright, the best time for a trip is coming up. My big question now is, what is the cheapest place to stay that is safe? I'm looking for specific business names rather than generalities like "hostels".
  16. If you're in the Denver area, drive by Englewood High School on South Logan avenue and yell, 'Zoom Rabbit says peace, bitches!' out the window for me.
  17. I'll keep that in the forefront of my mind. :)
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  18. What city are you staying in for your vacation?

    Denver, The Springs and Pueblo avoid the southern and western metro areas and of coarse any downtown areas if you are easily worried. Some people do better in an "urban" environment than others. If you want the safest cities, I say get away from the front range and in to small mountain towns.

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