advice on uk organic ferts

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by badgers_nadgers, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. Hello people,:hello:

    im after a good organic fertillizer for vegging and flowering,

    also hoping that i can get it from a uk garden centre,as i dont like buying stuff online

    any advice on names/brands & where i can get it would be most appreciated:D
  2. Just go to your local "Wyevale" or similar garden centre and look for one that is labelled "Organic", I used to work at Wyevale so I know that they are avalible...
  3. yeah will goto wyevale,cheers 2packed,,

    but was wondering before i go if any 1 new of good brand names,so im more prepared and to know what to look for.
  4. if you can find a specific hydroponics shop then that would be better. i live in wales so i know theres some top nutes around. theres a massive shop in surrey, esoteric hyrdroponics, i order from there but if you dont like ordering... try your best to find any nutrients made by bio-bizz. its some of the best stuff on the market. hope this helps.
  5. Good to see a fellow welsh grower,im also from wales,,

    i know of a few hydro shops i could visit,wasnt sure they did organic ferts tho,

    but that helps loads,will try to find some,

    cheers :smoke:
  6. haha awesome man. whereabouts? and yeh if you get the bio-bizz nutes theyre %100 organic. your plants look stunnin btw. stop by my journal if you have time. "advice please" in the grow journals.
    Just Blaze It.....
  7. ha ha,,yeah,,:D

    will try and find some bio-bizz this weekend if i can, it sounds like just what im looking for,

    nice 1 for the compliment on my plants,its my first proper grow,had a go a few years back,but on a smaller scale,ive read up loads since but theres nothing like first hand advice,

    il go take a look at your journal now,

    let me know if u got my pm,aint long joined the forum and still trying to work out how to do things on here

    catch u soon buddy:smoking:
  8. Hi dude, i'm a uk grower too and i'm using biobizz nutes, certainly a thumbs up from me :smoking:

  9. hey busted

    good to meet another uk grower

    looks like id better get some bio-bizz,

    do u know if they sell it in any garden centres?

    reason why i ask is because the nearest decent hydro shop to me isnt all that near,lol


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