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  1. Hello all,,

    i want to top/pinch my plants before they are put into flower so i get 2 main stems,

    what sort of time before i put them into flower would b a good time to do this?
    i.e 1 week/2 week.......?

    any advice on this would be welcomed

  2. do it anytime. I like to do it during the veg state to grow out a good amount of branches and then flower.
  3. im about 1 week from flowering,

    will this affect the flowering period in any way? i.e strain/yield

    just a little worried if i do it now

    appreciate all advice,thanks :wave:
  4. dont be woried cant really go wrong with it..dont do it in flowering though, that would be a BIG no..
    but when the plant has about 7nodes i think is when you want to do it.not sure about that though...just take about 80%off the main bud and youll see 4 new colas emerge. if you do it wrong or something happens youll only get win win situation pretty much..if you do it properly though..there have been good threds bout this where they show exactly where on the bug to chop, cant remember exactly which one, but search agound a little and youll find it.
  5. Nice 1 jonney,

    ,really appreciate it

    ,any thing i can do in future just let me know:smoking:
  6. yeah, if you're already near flowering, it's kinda too late. You may be able to reduce some height and get a little bushier, but I'd just finish my grow and wait till the next one and pinch/top during veg.
  7. thanks for ur reply,but ive already done it now,

    was a lil worried about height but think it should be ok,the room i have is 8ft high and the plants are about 1.6 ft - 2 ft,

    gonna leave it another week or 2 before i put them into flower now and see what happens,

    thanks for everyone's advice,much appreciated :wave: :D

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