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Advice on toking in the shower?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by zoopapa16293, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Hey I'm going to toke in the shower in a few hours because my parents are going to sleep but I need some help. If I have ozium will I need a sploof or can I just spray ozium after I'm finished? I will have the shower steaming and put a towel under the door. My bathroom doesn't have any windows so is it safe to just regularly blow the smoke out or should I use a sploof to be on the safe side. Thank you and any tips on smoking in the shower or stories would be greatly appreciated!
  2. The steam should make all the smoke dissipate, as well as the smell. I used to do this all the time and never got caught once, didn't even have to put a towel under the door.
  3. The vent in the bathroom spreads air through out the house so dont turn it on
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  4. people tell me that but it doesn't make sense to me. Why would they make a vent spread the smell of shit through out the house?

    I'm not questioning you, just saying. If I made a bathroom vent it would lead to outside lol
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  5. When you fart does it magically make it across the house? That smell's contained in the room, steam is hot, therefore rises in the air and travels through the vents until it's equalised by the rest of the air in the house. Also use a sploof if you have no windows, better safe than sorry.
  6. Thanks for all the info, I ended up just using a sploof. The real problem was that my mom woke up right after I got baked! I ended up fine so I guess I kept my cool
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  7. dont smoke a joint or blunt in there. smell will unavoidably leave the bathroom no matter what you try to do
  8. I do remodeling and construction and I've never hooked the vent from a exhaust fan into the AC/heating duct, 90% of them we run it to the outside of the home and attach a flap-vent. Though a few times we've vented it into the attic or a crawl space.

    If I were in your shoes I'd turn the hot water and the exhaust fan and use a Sploof, take a hit and cap the bowl then blow through the Sploof into the exhaust fan. Best of luck to you sir.

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  9. I smoke in my bathroom 1-2 times a day. Towel under the door, fan OFF, turn the shower on as hot as it goes, light an incense, procede to smoke. After your done smoking turn on the fan and take a shower. I never bother with a sploof and my bathroom never smells like weed. Good luck OP.

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  10. dont get the lighter
    or the weed wet
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  11. I have no scientific explanation other than I smoked with the fan on, got out of the shower and my stepmom was bitching at me about how the whole house stank

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