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Advice on strain please

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Mojave Dave, May 26, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    I hope this is the right place to post this. I'd like a little advice. I am growing my first soil indoors (I have one Hydro grow using NFT tanks under my belt), in a grow box that was custom-made just for this purpose. I thinkI can get three large pots/plants in there.

    At any rate, can anyone tell me, in their opinion, what is the absolute hardest-hitting Sativa on the planet? I want to grow at least one plant that is an absolute killer with the best quality, most-intense head high. I also don't know which way I should go, organic or non-organic. What do you all think?

    I am a medical user/grower using Morphine patches every day, and I require the truly hard-core THC producers to work alongside the patches in order to enjoy some measure of real relief.

    Any guidance you could offer will be very appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I would try the "samurai Gold". I think it's the best one I've tried for pain so far.
  3. I do not know about the medical properties of sativa but the trippiest sativa on the planet is Cinderella99...You see cartoon effects on it. You can get seeds cheap at and click on Joey weed. He also made a cross of this with AK47 and called iit AK99 which has almost the same effect of C99 but with HUUUGE bud potential...check out my journal for a pic on what is possible as I am 6 days away from harvest with AK99. I am picking up seeds for a medical user this weekend but they are Indica..called Black Domina. It has been referred to as Percocet in a bud. Anyway, Good luck! :)
  4. Hello Lucian,

    Thanks for the information, mate. I have heard of that C99, and now I'm keen to get some of those seeds for this next grow that I'll start in a week...or perhaps less. I just got all my germination and propagation equipment I ordered from Esoteric Hydroponics (freakin' brilliant, they are!) and I'm getting all the bits together for my grow box that has just been constructed and was delivered and set up this last Sunday.
    I was going to plant Super Thai X Skunk, White Widow, and either Master Kush or Neville's Haze. I have all of these seeds on hand, new in their packetts. What I DON'T have-- and can't afford to buy...disability benefits don't leave much in the bank-- are Cpp beans! I traded Website work with a few of the online seed banks for the seeds I have now, and for all the germination/propagation equipment that arrived today. I love to barter.

    Anyway, thanks again to you, Lucian, and to everyone else who has offered their advice. I wish I could get the seeds everyone was suggesting. I was hoping beyond hope that a variety of seed that I already had on hand would be mentioned, but that didn't happen. *smile*

    Talk to you all again soon. Peace.

    Mojave Dave
  5. Hello mate,

    Thank you very much for that information! I'll go there now.

    Mojave Dave
  6. I just went to that site you mentioned, and wrote them a long letter. Perhaps somethig will come of it. Thanks again, mate!

    Mojave Dave
  7. Pleae, let us know what youthink of them once they reply. They are pretty new, and I'm interested to see if they are as nice to you, as they were me.
  8. Hello again,

    I wrote to the gentleman at that site, and received a long letter back from him. He is indeed, a vey nice man. He agreed to send me seeds in the next week or so, after I prove my disability with document photos snt to him via E-mail.
    I offered to pay for the seeds by doing some work on his new site. I'll see what he says when he replies. Thanks again for that link, buddy. I appreciate it!

    Mojave Dave
  9. Do u fee lsleepy ,and restfull, or can u stillfunction some sativas are as in the old days wheelchair pot chuckle
  10. Hey dave,

    In my experiences, any 'white' strain is great for pain relief. Anything crossed with white widow

    White widow.

    Snow white.

    White rhino.

    'ICE' is a very good strain, shit load of crystals, i suggest you check it out

    If your in it for pain releif, i suggest you check out this link, its happy caps or high cencentrated THC pills, homemade.
    never tried them, but they (ogers) said they are veerrry potent

    Goodluck, i hope you find a method to cure your pain
  11. Hello mate!

    Very kind of you to take the time to gather those links for me. That's why I come here, people are just the best on this forum when it comes to good, solid advice.

    I have taken your advice and a packet of "Ice" seeds are on their way to me at this very moment. I have also got White Widow and White Rhyno seeds ready to germ. This should be a terrific grow! I'll have tto keepa grow logue (or whatever you folks call them) and place photos of the grow here so you can their progress.

    Thanks again for the advice. It's feels good to finally have that decision out of my hair.

    Mojave Dave
  12. Hey Dave,

    great decisions on strains, i dont think you will be disappointed.
    I would try those happy caps, very potent. especially if you decided to make them from that ICE :D

    Have a good one

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