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Advice on smoking alot? ways to handle it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Are My Eyes Ok, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Hey guys. This is my first post in a very long time; i recently underwent a 1 month T-Break because of school and have now come back to it for the holidays - even had a nice end of the world joint, some daaank amnesia. Now, its almost new years and me and my friends have a big session planned for it. Its gonna be around an eighth for each of us (3 people) and i havent ever smoked that much in a very long time. So this leads me to my question: are there any tricks to handling alot of bud without greening out?

    All help is greatly appreciated. Inb4 dont smoke that much. Genuine replies please guys
  2. Pace yourself
  3. tolerance is a bitch.
    I literally could smoke a 3 gram blunt and a gravity bong and have little to no effect. or 3 3 gram blunts and no effect.
  4. 9 grams and no effect?
  5. try to get on Scared Straight
  6. Eat well , you can always pass the puff to the next guy whitout calling it over , too much hesitation will make you paranoid instead of super-happy dont concentrate on heartbeat or weird things and try not to fall alseep haha

    good toking!!!
  7. Pace yourself and roll alot of weed. I love just chain smoking Doobies.
  8. Remember that you are using drugs, the drugs arent using you. Stay in control because you never lose, you just act stupider
  9. just give in to the panic, run to the bathroom of where ever you and your friend are and start masturbating. it always helps ease an intense marijuana experience for me
  10. Smoke a bunch in the days leading up to the sesh, build up your tolerance. Always did this when there was a party coming up, start "training" a few days beforehand. Come the get together, everybody's drunk and high as fuck, and you're just cruising in godmode
  11. You don't HAVE to smoke all of it. Just smoke the amount that has you feeling just right and stop until you come down a bit. Who cares if you don't get through it all.
  12. I've never been through "greening out" but smoking a lot of weed is always awesome, have fun mang

  13. OP remember if you don't smoke all of it then you can smoke some in the morning when you wake up ;)
  14. Pace yourself, I usually find if I got 2+ hours between joints I don't green out nearly as fast. Try some caffeine pills too.
  15. You will probably just hit a point where you dont feel yourself getting any higher or your cannaboid receptors will start to shut off and make you go to sleep
  16. ive noticed if i take a break, i can still smoke as much as i want, and i get really stoned more then usual, but then the day after my tolerance is back to par and i think, why smoke a lot after a break if less will still get me higher without raising my tolerance.

    In short, smoke until your high as balls, if that isnt the whole eighth safe it so you can get high as balls another night. However this usually doesnt stop me from blowing 60 bucks on a t break conclusion ever once in a while ://

  17. Yeah, there's this one thing you learn with a bit more age and maturity - that is, you don't have to get to "greening out" stage.
    You can have as much as it takes to make you feel good...and that's ok.
    The purpose of weed is not only to get you shitfaced retarded every time, it's called using a little moderation.

    It's not some badge of honour that you can "keep up" or smoke more than everyone, if you feel close to greening out, or you're not holding your shit, make this your stopping point...'cos really anything more than that and what's the point of it?
    Nothing more than ego man, the day you can let go of how you should and shouldn't be with/around weed, you will enjoy it a lot more.

    My *real* suggestion, is to pace yourself, smoke it slower or in seperate sittings.
  18. You smoke more of it more often... which isn't a lot better then just smoking what you can handle then maybe throwing in a bong hit or two
  19. Take a sugary drink, like OJ or something fizzy and dont give into the munchies, othetwise you'll over eat and go to sleep.

    I've found minimal munchies and a sugary drink keeps me going. Oh and leave breaks between spliffs, and take slow long hits, dont try taking big hits all the time, it'll go straight to your head!

    Think about it, all these G's you see puffing big blunts, they almost smoke like cigars, theres alot of thick smoke in the exhale and always short little puffs, they have the money to smoke ineffeciently but after they can brag how they can smoke a 2g blunt and be fine 'mayne'. Look at redman in amsterdam, that shit was annoying.

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