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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by amber420, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. i was looking at the nirvana website and they have all of their white strains on sale for $12. since they are at a cheap price, i want to buy 2 or 3 different strains. can some of you recommend some? i am only wanting to flower 3 plants and i am going to be using a fluoros. since i haven't grown a plant before, i am not going to worry about cloning (i have read that nirvana seeds sometimes autoflower, but anyway).
  2. Amber-
    Don't worry about those strains, you got the killa strain on the way :)
  3. I would want to grow blueberry but thats just me :)
  4. well, 12 bones is just too good to pass up. i wouldn't mind trying the bubblelicious...
  5. $12 and about 5 shipping....still not too bad. I checked the sight out.

    Very cheap indeed. m half tempted to possibly order some of that blue stuff up myself.

    But still Amber for your first grow I would just go with whats free, since you might kill a few germing, etc. You got a decent amount coming too.

    I mean yea its only about $20, but hell thats $20 you could spend toward a fan or light since you already got killa seeds.

    Only thing about the sight, why are they soo cheap? Old, not healthy? Makes ya wonder.
  6. maby theyr so cheep cayse they plan on robben ya... i dunno i havent had shit for luck with seed companies and am damn near 200 dollars in the hole cause of failed shipments...... but i guess thats my own problem now aint it :p
  7. yeah, i think i am gonna wait.

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