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  1. Hello i need some advice on my plant, i transplanted it into a smaller container by the advise of someone ( not sure if it is a good idea ) i would like to know what my next Step should be, the cup with the plant in is outside, How should i Water it ? How long till it needs a bigger pot ? many thanks
  2. This is photo from this morning the plant is 25 days from seed germination
  3. Time to transplant it I'd go with a decent size planter for now not a 5 gallon quite yet and some perlite for good air/drainage
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  4. Looks good though indoor or outdoor?
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  5. Just transplanted 3 if my plants i have to Wait 1 more week for the others i dont have enough pots, its outdoor grow my first Time, Thank you for advice
  6. The trick is to keep the roots growing but condensed outdoor is easier and make sure you dig a nice hole and put your grow bag in the hole throw moth balls around the vicinity not near the plant so it can contaminate but 20 feet diameter to keep animals away
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