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  1. Hello everyone! I hope you're all doing well. I have a few questions about my plants. This is my first grow, I made a post about them before. I have had them in veg for over 2 months now and I believe they are ready to flower. They have had some darkness the past two nights, 9 hours and 7 hours respectively. I am reading though that they require atleast 10-12 hrs so have they not actually started flowering yet?

    My reason for this question as well is because if they are still vegging, is it not the right time to prune fan leaves? I know pruning during veg is controversial, some say it is good some say it is bad. However, I still have lots of big fan leaves blocking light to bud nodes.

    Also! I see some bud nodes on the stalks that are not growing into their own branches. Are these ones not supposed to and are supposed to grow off the main stalk? I will post a few pics so you guys can see the plants and what I mean. I appreciate any advice here! My first grow and I am learning more and more everyday! canopy1.jpg canopy2.jpg canopy3.jpg
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  2. there is no bad time to remove a few fan leaves I dont stand for whole defoliation but like you said for opening bud spot it is always good IMO. What strain are they are they all female? You know they will double to triple in size during next 2-3 weeks after flip?... your challenge will be to control the deepness of canopy to the power of your light. You will have to remove a few braches as weel.. what is your setup?
  3. the "bud node" you are talking about is just like a joint or a knuckle nothing to worry about.
  4. I read that as well, they will get bigger. What you see in the pic is the setup lol i just have 3 LED panels pretty low wattage I need to upgrade. So buds wont even come out of those, ok lol... Like I said im a noob lol. I was thinking of pruning them a bit tonight because they need to be watered anyway. Maybe not go too crazy? I read you can stress the plant too much?
  5. They are Chocolate Covered Strawberries and yes all female.
  6. Yea looking nice mate ive lollypopped mine much to others disgust i find a good trim and getting rid of popcorn bud on the lower part of plant not getting light would be a good option for you as you only have top cola sites and dont have to worry about light penetration as much just my 2 bobs worth good luck and happy growing
  7. looking good you did a good job vegging those but as you can see you are already at limit of your lighs. If you plan on upgrading, anything decent like a 250w hps, a small QB or even a T5 fixture won't fit you will run out of vertical height. I try to see it.. maybe use a scrog bend each branch from the base and try control your height... even there as soon as you will put a decent light heat will become an issue and after first week of flip you might be fork top... Need a new tent AND a new light...
  8. So I ended up doing some pruning and took off almost all undergrowth on the plants after a good watering and then gave them darkness. Theyve been getting dark cycles now for 4 days, still havent seen any stretch. Is it still early for that? Or did I stress them from pruning? It looks like some of them are trying to grow back new shutes where I cut lol. But the plants look super happy and are all reaching up towards light, just havent seen much vertical growth yet.
  9. what do you mean 4 days dark cycle?
    - plants need to get 12/12 light/dark, to start floweing... if u put them less than 12, they'll start thinking its end of their life-cycle, as winter is nearing and start to flower and boost all they have into buds to finish quickly - u'll get them done sonner but with less yield.....

    u need to pu them into dark after u're finished with them. means when u are about to chop them, u put them into dark for 2-3 days to increase resin production - this is defensive mechanism again, flower thinks its her end and will try to squeeze every little bit into buds to get the job done.

    (first time grower too, im about to go harvest in few days)
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  10. and yes, u'll run out of space vertically thats 100%..... follow advice give nabove by Laucass...
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  11. mine grow 1x their total height in first week after switching into 12/12..... BEWARE!
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  12. yess stop messing them by giving 7 or 9 hours of darkness!!! No lights for full 24 hrs than switch 12-12:)
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  13. Full 24 hrs hrs of darkness? I havent heard of that. Can you elaborate a bit more? Ill get a better setup soon i just need to get some more $$$.
  14. Cool to see another first time grower, do you have any pics of your plants?

    It doesnt make sense to me that getting less than 12 hrs would make the plant think its the end of its life... in the summer, days are longer (when cannabis is in it's prime) and then as autumn and winter come, the nights get longer.
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  15. flowering is induced by an hormone that only appears in the dark. With lights on, hormone level diminish and than rise up again when it goes dark. By giving 24hrs of darkness you will trigger the hormone production and give the plant the signs to start budding. If you keep reading I'm sure you'll come across the information. If I come across Ill post a line. Happy growing !
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  16. for real? never heard of it... and been reading hours and hours since i didnt wanna f.k up.... i didnt do it, neither hundreds of thousands... 12/12 switch and thats it for me. just like nature does it... sort of.
  17. my bad i was reading it after nigh shift, was realy tired and mistaken the day cycle for night cycle... yes its otherway around the more of the darkness the faster it matures.

    apology again... check my thread. they're small but iit's explained as i only vegged them for 2 weeks due to false flag of me having to move out of the place, wich didnt happen at the end. so i ended up with 80cm tall flowers, lol. buds are nice and dense tho. i tihnk i get around 40-50g this first grow due to that. still great experience and was lot of fun and education.. cant wait to plant another seeds!! :p <3

    weed is love. lol.

    first time grower, needing help with discolored leaves
  18. correction - they're 50cm and 40cm tall.

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