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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by triggz00, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. I need help!!!! Can anyone figure out what is going on? Cant tell wether this is taking a long time to bud or am i missing some kind of nutrient? I have a plant right next to it budding already. Outdoor all the time and sees well enough sun per day. Its almost been about two months. Any help is appreciated. None of the shoots have hard nugs by the stems, all hairs as you see in the second photo. Is there a chance this is just a long growing bud? Should i switch light cycle to get to start budding?


    IMG_20120811_090537.jpg irs).
  2. Anybody? Helppppp
  3. Need more soil. You only have about 2 gallons. Your plant is root bound IMO or close to. Purple stems you need to fix as well.

    Fill the rest of the bucket up or transplant to bigger pot.
  4. ok i added more dirt will watch, anymore ideas ?
  5. get a larger pot, 5 gallon bucket,laundry basket etc. put good grow medium in the larger pot and gently remove the plant, roots and soil and transplant into the new larger pot and fill it damn near up with new medium and give it a nice drink. a plant that size has a root ball as large as the soil you have it in. the bigger the root mass, the bigger the plant
  6. Im looking at an equatorial sativa and most likely a haze plant. It should start to flower in a couple of weeks but strains such as yours generally take 14-20 weeks to fininsh flowering.

    That plant has very little if any indica in it and therefore isnt responsive to photoperiod in the normal sense. Every day is the same length at the equator so equatorial strains dont flower by daylength. The plant next to it probably does contain indica genetics and is photoperiod responsive.

    Late november - mid december at the earliest.
  7. Did you ignore what I aid about purple stems?

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