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  1. I'm in the last week on my current grow that you can find a link to in my signature.

    Looking to get some good advice on folks who run perpetual grows with a single tent.

    I was thinking about getting some new clones now, and letting them grow on my patio in natural sunlight for a week and a half or so while the current harvest is drying in the tent. I would then move the dried buds to jars for curing, and move the new clones into the tent.

    Anyone have a better suggestion?

    3 strain 1000w 4x4 legal grow

    My first legal Oregonian grow 1000w 4x4 scrog
  2. good luck
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  3. I had that problem too so I bought a second tent

    there's certain accidents where you may be drunk and on drugs.
    but it's going to happen weather you are or your not
  4. Go with Autos, just keep starting new seeds every few weeks. They can all live in the same tent as the light cycle does not matter. I lost a few plants last time when I tried to keep them all in the same tent.

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  5. How tall is the 4x4 tent? If you're drying in the same tent you might be able to build a platform with small vents on the bottom section then hang some cfls or t5 under it since they don't need much room and hang drying in the top. Then put some panda film over the top of the platform to separate the top from bottom. Not sure how well it would work though.

    Humidity could be a problem. Or drying out too fast depending on your exhaust.

    Best not to risk the harvest and to just get a separate tent if possible or just wait to move the new clones like you planned.
  6. Yeah i might just do that.

    I have 7 to harvest so not much room for everything else. Gotta take out all the equipment for drying then put it back in.

    3 strain 1000w 4x4 legal grow

    My first legal Oregonian grow 1000w 4x4 scrog
  7. Autos build a small container with maybe a small pc fan for exhaust and germ a seed every four and a half weeks I personally would use the drying container to put the new plants on top of to help keep the light closer to them rather then having the babies on the floor three feet from the light you could easily build a container with wire shelving to lay the trees horizontal in there for the drying process
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  8. I currently run a 5x5x9 perpetual tent that is assisted by 2 small 2x4x6 tents that I use for my dark period. I run autos, and photos; I have 3 autos, 4 reg photos that are from seed, 25 blueberry fem clones in a sog, and 2 mothers in the same 5x5. When it's time for my photos to go to sleep I move them all to my smaller 2x4 tents. This lets me keep my autos and mother plants on a 24 hour light schedule. I usually harvest more than once a month.
  9. You move plants every dark period?
    . There's life outside the grow room man. No way, I enjoy going places to much.
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  10. Sure do, it's about an extra 5 minutes of labor in the morning and at night but it's worth it for me to be able to grow photos as well as autos.
  11. Also I'm a college student with a 3.0 gpa. I have a wife and my own house. My life is pretty fulfilling. I don't lose out on any of lifes joys.
  12. Just genuinely love to grow and smoke marijuana.
  13. Theres an edit button Lex for when you need to add something else. Instead of posting over and over again :p
  14. I know there is but sometimes I'm to high to care.
  15. Don't you ever go on vacation or out of town for the night? Or even just the day. It's going to get really old being stuck in your house. It's not the labor, it's the grow you can't leave that would get old. You have to be there every 12 hours no matter what. I wouldnt grow if I was married to it
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    I'm the complete opposite, in my busy time of the year I'm lucky to be home all day Sunday and I'm not wasting that whole day on my grow. There's no need to. Growing doesn't require a bunch of my time, just patience and leave it the alone for the most part. I love growing but I also love vacations, trips, outings, things you will miss out on. Hell couldn't even attend a baseball game in Chicago and right back home if I had to be home every 12 hours. I go on motorcycle rides that would mess up my the light schedule. That would just not be fulfilling life to me. Life's to short and exciting to be stuck at home all the time.
  17. Actually I'm gonna be going to daytona Florida in about 2 weeks for a vacation. I've left my grow before and it was just fine. This time I'll have my brother water while I'm gone. All I do is move my mothers to my dark tents, connect a few cfl lamps to an extension cord, and let everything else be under a 12/12 schedule for a week in my big tent. There's always a way.

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  18. I spend 10 minutes in my tent every morning and night. Idk what kind of lifestyle you're used to but I don't need much to be happy with life. I'm happy to be where ever I am always.

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  19. Too each there own bro. Just wouldn't be something I would do. Too many other things to spend time on
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    No better advice. You need somewhere to grow your clones in veg while you wait for them to be big enough to flower and for the flowering plants to finish. Just make sure you take more clones off the plants before they go into flower so you have something else growing on the patio while you are flowering.

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