Advice on my soil mix please!

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    Hey guys I just left the nursery and got me a short list. If you could advise me on how much of what you would recomend.

    I got Sunshine prefessional mix. It is the same as pro-mix brand
    Hydrated lime
    Bone meal 0-10-0
    Blood meal 12-0-0
    Natures Guide natural blooms 4-5-3
    Espoma Organic Traditions Garden Gypsum
    Natures Guide EWC 3-1-2
    Shultz Charcoal

    I would like to get some Kelp meal but other than that I'm fairly happy.
    Thanks for taking time to read my post and help an organic noob out.

  2. Looks like an awesome soil mix, you'll love the carbon from the charcoal (I use charred earth). You definitely want to add kelp, as well as azomite for your trace minerals. Drop the hydrated lime for dolomite lime, hydrated is a bad choice because its too fast acting and you're looking for slow, fast release (powder over granulated dolomite). Bone and blood meals can be dropped and instead substituted for Fish bone meal (Bone and blood meal are the remains of daisy after she's been chopped up, tends to attract bugs).

    Best of luck :smoking:
  3. Thanks. I though I read that I needed powdered lime and the other stuff was pellets. Hopefully in the spring the nursery will order more amendments. I got everything 40% off because winter. I appreciate the input and will see if I can find those other amendments!

  4. The Espoma Organic traditions is Garden Gypsum do I still need the Azomite?

  5. Ok I mixed the amendments together just about equally but I used about half the amount of lime. The soil is real light and doesn't really clump together, it will hold together when squeezed but breaks right apart. I have to drive over an hour to the nearest nursery that is open and has organics so it will be a few months before I go back. Hope this mix will get me by. My goal is to build a rich soil I can use again and again. Next week I will be starting up my worm machine and start doing my own EWC and teas. It's just a little slow starting I don't want to drop a few hundred bucks before I need to.

  6. Would add some neem and some kind of aeration

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