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  1. Hey Blades. I'm getting a 2011 black ford fiesta off a friend's family member in about a month and I'm wondering what modifications I can make to it? Any modifications you blades recommend? Its pretty much the lowest tier with manual transmission. It does has power steering/windows/a.c./satt radio though. Nothing else. 
    Any suggestions?

  2. Why would you waste money on upgrading a fiesta?
    I get its your first car, but save that money for gas, insurance, maintaince, etc...
    My opinion, only thing I would do upgrades on is the sound system, but all of my cars have subs, so.
    I mean, if you really want to, just black it out, better than nothing.
    My 2 cents
    Its actually not my first car, but will be my first long term car. I was thinking just adding a nav system/upgraded stereo system with bluetooth... Maybe lower it a bit too. Nothing too fancy though. 
  4. Don't do a built in navi. Bitches are a pain to update and eventually they're gonna be outdated. I've personally never been a fan of the Bluetooth systems that play through the speakers, major echo on the other end. One of my exes has one and everytime she calls, I tell her to call back when she gets home, because I hear myself right after i finish what I'm saying.
    Lowering it, possibly, but you got wonder if its worth it on a car like that. Ends up being a few grand, ride isn't as comfy.
    I may be coming across as an old man, but for daily drivers I'd rather have a stock whip with a smooth ride. Again, my two cents, its your money.
  5. Don't make any keep low profile
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    I'll def take your advice into consideration. Thats exactly why I'm posting! I guess I could just buy a bluetooth headset and use that while driving. 
    One reason why I might just keep it all stock...
    EDIT: For sure I'm tinting the windows (legal tint). I don't really know anything about cars at all, so I'll have to check around different sound systems...nothing insane just something with a little more bass and clarity than the mediocre stock system. I love listening to music with good bass and it makes me cry inside thinking of having pretty low bass :(
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    fuck navi's in general, all they do is piss me off. fucking always miss the exits and shit because im just focused on driving and then out of no where i get some bs alert when im passing the exit....  
    and they always be talking when im not trying to get to an exit, just chatter. so annoying. study a map before you leave, and if you get lost just use google maps on the smart phone. works better than my tomtom navi anyways. 
    and fuck tint, waste money and brings attention. if you are looking into my car go ahead and look in. hope you catch me doing something weird too because i dont give a fuck. lol
    and if you are going to lower the car, make sure you do it right. i know too many kids that cut springs or got the cheapest lowering springs/coils you can possibly buy and the ride quality just sucks, waste of money. 
  8. You obviously don't live in a hot climate jumbo :p
    Tint is like a requirement here and other places like Az, where a car will hit 140-150 on the inside of the car from sitting in the sun. You kinda get weird looks here for not having tint. I finally got some on my car last week, helps so much. Plus, if you drive a car, the ass holes in trucks that ride your ass won't bug me as much with their headlights lighting up my whole car.
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    OP, like others have said, i would only recommend spending money on stereo upgrades, and air fresheners if you smoke while driving. more important to not give pigs probable cause than it is to have a lowered car that isn't even gonna see the track.
    around my side of the continent, cops will harass you if you have aftermarket tint because its not a necessity.
    i'm on the same page as you as far as a daily driver goes besides that.
  10. dont put any wack ass rims on it, if you go bigger your mpg will drop.
  11. Just make it like this.

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