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    So, I am  a new hobbyist to growing and cultivating cannabis. I decided to start my first closet grow but im assuring I get all the essential details I should ever need. Now I am aware of the sticky threads and what to read over but I just want to have maybe some positive reinforcement or even hear from one of you guys that I can get decent results from this setup.
    I decided to go with four (4) grow lights. All four light bulbs will be used in a 150watt (max) clamp light with a 8.5" reflector. During the seeding stage I figured I would run four (4) 50 watt CFL lights for 24 hours until my plant reaches at least 7-8 inchs. After about 30 days I plan to remove two of the CFL lights and instead replace those with 150watt HPS lights and than have the remaining two (2) CFL lights untouched and the same. From lurking i'm reading that much better results are achieved during the flowering/budding when using HPS lights. 
    I will be growing two Purple Kush plants. In a 3.5 Foot x 2 Foot section. From research it's not such  a finicky stain. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 


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