Advice on my first tat...?

Discussion in 'General' started by gotmyfirst, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Just got it... wondering what you guys think? It symbolizes "Inner Strength"...


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  2. very cool bud must have been sore.
  3. i like the IDEA of it..and the all around concept...but i think it couldve been drawn out better

    im not downing you at all!! it looks real chill...i just dont appreciate the artist's work...if it was a buddy of yours..srry...but you asked

    its still real kewl tho..if you like it and are satisfied, then thats all that matters;)
  4. yeahhhhhh it was only bad on my spine... but it was BAD
  5. yeah i asked wanting true opinions... thanks
    it was a guy that did my brothers tat and my g/f's tats.. personally i think it came out awesome... what could have been different to you?
  6. oh! its just the way he did some of the shading here and a dimension there..i used to vol in a tat shop and i design them on the side
    like i said..overall its great *and kinda reminds me of the one on my chest*
  7. hmmm... well, lets see it! :)
  8. it needs to be re-colored since i got it done like 4 years ago *and my skin rejects ink hardcore* but here it be

    the heart itself is about as big as my fist too..not huge..but it fits me rather well

    you can see in my prof pic where and how big it is too
  9. It's a very cool tat, I like how you replaced the symbol for 'inner' with the image surrounding the symbol for 'strength'
  10. I like the tat a lot. The detail is great.

    Pretty big first tat!
  11. Kind of reminds me of goatse....
  12. looks aight

    i'm not a big fan of chinese shit though, unless your asian, you shouldnt get asian markings on your body imo

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