Advice on my first grow, any recommendations.

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  1. So I recently started my first grow, I've been reading and collecting as much information as possible. Some information I'll have to apply to my next grow such as soils vs homemade soils. Heres my grow specs listed below. My plants are 19 days from seeds as of today.
    Thc Bomb feminized seeds
    600W LED
    FFOF soil
    Fox farms trio nutes
    4 gallon pots
    Distilled water (my well water is harsh)
    Passive intake.
    My main areas of concern are how far are my plants considered to be in the veg stage? When should I start using my trio nutes? And the very edges of my leaves look like they're curling to the light (very very slightly) I'm not growing for mass production just personal use and enjoyment. Sorry for the book

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  2. They’re looking good. How far is the light from the tops? I’d also get ready to transplant to at least 5 gallon buckets and start nutes by the end of the week or tomorrow at half strength. Also if you’re going to top or any training I’d get on it.
  3. What is you temp and humidity, looks like heat stress
  4. No need to go into a 5 gallon as long as you keep veg to a practical length. I personally didn’t like the fox farm trio, but start nutes very soon at quarter strength and skip the feed every other water. I found fox farm to really only sustain plants for 2 weeks before I started seeing deficiencies.
  5. Ok I'll get on with the nutes once I'm home, I have humidity around 30-40 percent and temp is around 80 degrees, I'll open up a vent to get some of that extra heat out of there. My light is about 24" from the tops of my plants (just followed manufactures recommendations). I was going to top them as well, I'll get on that as well. Thanks yall

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