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Advice on Making the Perfect Filter

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kramer, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Guess I've got a noob question for once.

    I'm looking to use filters more often. I've used them frequently, but I'd like some input on some ideas of how to get the desired effect.

    What I want is to NOT use strips of Zig-Zags like I have. I'm trying to find alternative and widely available resources of using for filters.

    Also, I'd really like some tips on the SHAPE of the filter. I've seen a Hashmouf (or Hashbean on Youtube) video where he has these strips that he used as filters that were shaped like can I put this...A RAINBOW. I'll link the video to give you an idea, but is there anything purchasable that could give me the same effect as that?

    Mainly, the reason is I'd like the create the cone effect. The shape that Hashmouf uses seems to help achieve that goal.

    Any advice would fuckin' help a ton.

    Hashbean's Reversed Joint Rolling Guide

  2. i usually make them out of strips of index cards that you get in any CVS or office supply store.
  3. The cone isnt rolled by the filter, its about how you roll it.
  4. I agree with you and understand that completely, however, I do believe having a filter with that shape would help (stressing on help again) with the overall effect of the cone.
  5. I just use plain white cardstock. If i cant find that then i just use plain white paper. Try to use as little ink as possible. O and i usually just roll my filters slightly coned or str8, it doesnt really matter cuz my joint looks like whateve i want it to look like.
  6. Yea, it's basically about your rolling skills. Don't waste too much time on the filter and just work on the rolling. Anything close to a cylinder will work alright

  7. I have a bunch of plain white business cards I use to make filters. You can get them at OfficeMax or OfficeDepot for pretty cheap.
  8. yea you could use no paper roach at all and it could be a cone so..
  9. You can also put some tobacco instead of a roach and just stop when you hit tobacco.
  10. index cards are great. sometimes i rip out a rainbow shape peice of paper and roll it in the shape of a rainbow, it helps shape the cone
  11. they make cigarette filters for people who roll their own.

    if you want, you can cut these filters into sections (say perhaps into threes) and use the smaller pieces as your filter.

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