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Advice on Magic Flight Launch Box

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Amped, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Hey guys! My grandma is coming to Canada to visit for three months and I need to smoke weed without her noticing... my mom knows i smoke but she wants me to keep it away from my grandma, as you know typical old people and their views on marijuana haha. I would like to know if it is worth it to buy the MFLB? I have 250 bucks and at 100 dollars it seems like a pretty good investment. I smoke everyday but i can get absolutely baked from as little as .3 :) Is the MFLB easy to use and will it get me baked with minimal smell? And the batteries come with a charger right.. i smoke once a day so if i use the battery then charge it im good for the next day?

    Also what do you think is the estimated time it would ship to Ontario, Canada?

    Please share if you think the MFLB is actually magic, or if its not worth it at all :)

  2. For sure its magic, I live with my grandma and she hates pot. She knows I do it and she doesn't bother me about it. I go outside to smoke to be respectful. Long story short, when I got my mflb I had to test it. She showered while I vaped in the living room. She came directly back in the room and had no clue at all, if she did she would have told me she could smell it. The mflb does have a learning curve though cause you manually operate it with the battery. I would not reccomend trying it indoor your first few times as it is easy to combust(burn) if you hold the battery in too long..
  3. Me and my friend use it sometimes, i myself have a vaporgenie, we got replacement batteries from a different store from time to time because that way these batteries seem to be much more powerful and yeah it wont smell, it doesnt even look like a vaporizer and it fits in your pokcket i just dont like how it takes time to get high off of it though.
  4. Would it get me baked though? or no? I want to be baked and enjoy music etc.

    I wouldnt like it if it only got me buzzed or a tiny bit high
  5. It's incredible. I can also vouch for vaping in the living room with clueless housemates. It's efficient,portable, and comes with a lifetime warranty.
  6. Yes, buy extra batteries as well.
  7. I've never owned a vape, but I'm sure the level of your high obviously is linked to how much bud you smoked (or vaped in this situation :D), but I've seen on here people claiming to get baked out of thier minds from .1g in a mflb. But again, I cannot confirm or deny this, just tryin to help ya out.
  8. Yes you will get baked but a vapor high is a very heady high much different from smoking. If you have never vaped before I would recommend trying a vape before you buy one if at all possible.
  9. It will give you more of a heady high, but if you vape at higher temps you can get a heavier body stone. You will be just as high with less bud

  10. Vaporizing gets you notably higher than smoking.
  11. I wish i could somehow try vaping before buying the MFLB... to see if i like it or not. I dont know anybody that vapes though.

  12. i realized though that the reason i dont get super baked is because i dont even vaporize that much to begin with... its more of a clean way to get high (go green). your onl vaping .2 of a gram..maybe vape some more see how you like it, i usually get paranoid and stop after 2-3 bowls but thatsjust me

  13. You should DEFINATELY buy it! Your friends would like it too

  14. Yeah definately buy it
  15. #15 D4ftPunk, Jan 5, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 5, 2011
    Yeah dude it's totally worth the investment.

    I vape with it basically anywhere without having to worry about someone detecting the smell. I can toke up in my dorm room, at home with my parents around, in a public bathroom or whatever dude it's the shit. Gets me baked AND saves weed :D

    And as far as the battery life, you can go days on one charge, depending of course. If you're only toking up once a day then your batteries will definitely last you a long time before having to recharge.

    Get it man
  16. Haha i love how you and steven say definately buy it, you just wanna try it :D

    D4ft how is that possible though, when they say that one battery is enough for ONE bowl? Thats what is mainly keeping me from buying it... and magic flight themselves said the two batteries are only good for 200 milligrams a day (.2 grams)
  17. The Magic Flight website completely under-sells their battery capabilities. Those things last a whole lot longer than the company says they do. I think there's a thread on here somewhere where a whole bunch of people were saying how much more battery life they were getting than expected.

    As far as the .2g a day they advertise, you can easily get much more than that. I've had the MFLB for a week, and vape at least a trench (the MFLB's equivalent to the bowl) a day and I've only had to recharge my battery once. It's a pretty high quality product
  18. It's great for stealth. Make sure you get more than two batteries though.

  19. WTF, it says that a battery lasts about one trench, how the fuck do you make them last days?
  20. Its worth every penny i got mine a week b4 x-mas and ive used it every day so far and my bongs just collecting dust for now.

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