advice on magic flight launch box?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by DankBear, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. hey guys,

    so i recently became interested in buying a new smoking tool, and the magic flight launch box caught my eye yesterday. i need to be as stealthy as possible while smoking (smoking in my room) which is why the MFLB intrigues me. no smoke, no smell, no noise.

    anyone have solid recommendations on it? price is no option to me, i want solid info from people who have used one.

    thank guys
  2. I find it very good for portable use, but annoying in the long run because of charging batteries (etc). I like my Magic Flight Box, but if price isn't an issue and you want stealthy I would suggest what I have, the MyrtleZap. (Check my review&stash thread for a link to it). I also found the Magic Flight Boxes to be slightly incosistant, with some nicer than others and some heating up hotter than others, etc.

    It's essentially a block of wood, and is very discrete. I leave mine out all the time, and just attach the oil diffuser on top. I've had people ask what it is and you just say what it is, an oil diffuser. (It also has it's primary purpose, which is to be a vaporizer). It's very consistant and durable. I have hit mine on my desk infinite amounts of times, as well as dropped it. A few dings here and there but it's working like a charm still. Plus you can just sandpaper it to get rid of the dings if you really want.

    Also no vaporizer has "no smell" but it's very subtle. You will need an air freshener, candler, or something of that sort to get rid of it. The MyrtleZaps secondary purpose as an oil diffuser definitely makes it a 1-2 combo to get rid of it.

    I believe that the MyrtleZap's efficiency is quite amazing as well as only one "bowl/stem" takes around 0.025-0.03g's of cannabis and will still get you just as high, for just as long. This will help keep your tolerance low, definitely.
  3. If you order from Blissville it ships from Socal so it shouldn't take long getting to you.

    The bundle only comes with 2 rechargeable batteries so you'll probably want to spend the extra 10 bucks for another two.

    There's lots of posts on the magic-flight website explaining how to use it correctly also.
  4. I agree with everything Okam said, only the smell part....i sit and use my mflb at my desk all day and no one can smell/ has noticed yet.... I wont get in any trouble, due to my dad being the boss and him being a med patient as well... but i know some people who work here arent down and would have said something hahahaha.... could just be the open space of the office too....
  5. yeah i really just need something consistent, sneaky, and small. ive never heard of the myrtlezap before, ill have to check it out. what i like about the idea of the mflb is that its SO small and quiet. i havent done research on any other portable vapes though

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