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  1. hey blades!

    long time lurker here asking fors advices on a certain situation.

    ive been smoking for like 2 or 3 years pretty regularly, always felt fine besides the obvious haha. i was smoking a blunt and i coughed pretty heavily. then i did that thing with my throat to clear deep. you kind of vibrate it and it detaches it i guess, idk but, whatever.

    so i did that and i spit it out on a paper towel in my trashcan. it had a little bit of blood floating around in it, like a thing cloud. i think it might have been my coughing too hard, ripped it a little i guess?

    alls clear now but, should i think about seeing a doctor?:eek:
  2. Stop smoking blunts. Go with bongs, or preferably a vaporizer. My friends had the same problem and switched to paper instead of blunt paper.
  3. its the smoke that does that shit to you man. smoking in anything is going to have that effect. it comes with the territory.
  4. I 2nd the vape, treats your lungs kindly and you can use leftovers to make edibles it's a win/win.
  5. im a 3 year daily mmj smoker but lately my lungs feel weaker and more impacted than ever.

    I use a bong 95% of the time

    My vape is such a hassle....
  6. Yes, switch to bong, organic papes, grav bong, or vape. No need in adding tobacco paper if you don't already smoke cigarettes.

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